ABC ~mysteriously~ postpones their announcement of the next bachelor


UPDATE: The Bachelor was announced this morning and is some guy named Arie Luydenyk Jr. who was apparently on Emily Maynard’s season. Meh, ABC.

Dedicating the greater portion of our weeks to Bachelor in Paradise is great and all, but everyone in the Bachelor nation is still wondering who the next Bach star will be come 2018.

While some thought producers were grooming Wells for the job by bringing him on BIP as the new Jorge (shout out to whoever made this brilliant decision) and others thought Eric was the clear choice, notorious Reality Steve pointed us in another direction last week: Peter Kraus.

On Thursday, GMA tweeted that the reveal would take place on the show Friday morning, and Mike Fleiss (the show’s creator) retweeted it, seemingly enforcing the announcement’s validity.

The Bachelor tweet Good Morning America

Fan Sided

However, as the disappointed fans who tuned in know, the announcement did not take place on Friday and the tweet from GMA has since been deleted. Does this mean Peter has decided not to take the job after all? Is Mike messing with all of us because the leaked info stole the thunder of his big reveal? Reality Steve seems to think it’s the latter:

Only time will tell, but given the sheer awfulness of guys on Rachel’s season, Peter really seems like the only viable option. We’ll keep you updated as official announcements are made!