A New Travel Regulation Is Shaking Up These 5 States

Brandon Snively
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Flying can be very stressful at times, especially since a lot of things are out of our control. After 9/11, the aviation industry would never be the same security-wise. Immediately after the attacks, it was common to be searched twice before boarding the airplane, have one of your favorite colognes/perfumes thrown out because you left it in your carry-on by accident, or get to the airport so early before your flight you end up waiting longer to board than actually be in the air to get to your destination.

In recent years, TSA has tried to cut down wait times and make the screening process easier (unless they inappropriately touch you or refuse to let you board if you’re transgender, but that’s a whole other story).

Anyway, TSA Pre is a new system which makes boarding easier for frequent fliers. It has been received fairly well and is hoping to expand to other airports.

Boarding airplanes to fly domestically meant we just flashed our driver’s license and we were good to go. HOWEVER, if you live in one of these five states, your domestic travel is about to change.

Here’s what’s going on

Residents of New York, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Minnesota, and American Samoa will need a passport in order to travel domestically within the United States, according to TIME.

Security features of obtaining an ID in these states aren’t strong enough for federal regulators to allow people to board airplanes. This change, set to start in 2016, will require residents to carry better verification. Aviation officials want to make sure that our skies are safe at all times and that people do not board airplanes with falsified information or forged ID’s. If you’re traveling to a different country, a passport is required at all times.

State Department officials also recommend Passport ID’s. These are not official passports but are rather ID cards that can act in its place to substitute carrying around your passport since they are easy to lose. If you haven’t traveled in a while, start cleaning out your closet and dust off that passport.

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