A Drunk Guy’s Play-By-Play Of Lollapalooza Weekend

Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy has been involved in the music biz for nearly 10 years in a variety of capacities. From a young age taught himself how to play a multitude of instruments and believes music to be an extremely important part of culture. Moving into the future Sean began to write and blog more frequently about his opinions on the industry as well as consistently curate playlists. Professionally Sean has had marketing internships with Superfly Presents, RED Distribution, and Meridian Entertainment Group. All of these opportunities have helped him to expand his knowledge and understanding of the music industry and have helped him to have a more informed opinion on the topics to which he writes. Sean continues to create music in his free time and has recently been collaborating with a number of artists around Michigan, where he is from. He also loves to see live shows and go out with friends. Check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, or Tumblr. https://soundcloud.com/melodicdissonance http://melodicdissonanceposts.tumblr.com

There we were, roaming the streets of Chicago on a Thursday night: It was the quiet before the storm and we all knew it.

Our temporary living quarters were cramped, packing 11 guys in a room that was meant for five, but we didn’t care, we only had tomorrow on our minds.



8 a.m.: Rise and shine, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for; we quickly scamper down to the lobby to catch what’s left of the free, albeit awful breakfast, and then off to the store for some mixers. There aren’t any acts we’re trying to see until Tove Lo at 3 p.m., which gives us an awful lot of pregame time to get through, and I’m already halfway into a Tito’s & OJ by 9:30 a.m. My friend Ty spills his drink on my shirt, and thus, the debauchery has begun.

By noon: Our volume has increased and everybody is pretty well sloshed, it becomes unrealistic that we actually have three more hours of drinking to do before heading to the event, but we all steadily push through like the champs we are. To give you a measurement of my level of sobriety at this time, I overhear a couple of guys talking about seeing Kaskade instead of Flying Lotus, and I precede to casually tell them to “fuck themselves.”

I will not confirm nor deny the presence of drugs when “Back 2 Back” by Drake starts playing. Everything is suddenly a big fat amazing blur.

I’m at the festival gate now, with no bag in hand but I my phone and I.D. in my pocket. I’m incredibly impressed with how responsible drunk me has thus far proved to be.

We’re in, all 11 of us in one group.. that won’t last long though.

It’s nearly 3:30 p.m. and we missed most of Tove Lo, so somebody makes the executive decision to head to Perry’s Stage for the end of What So Not’s set.

DJ Mustard starts his set, which honestly would have sucked had I not been wasted. Since I’m hammered, I’m jumping, dancing, and moshing with my buds and some group of randos because #lolla.

Before setting forth to Young Thug over on the BMI Stage, I beg what’s left of our now disintegrated #crew that we stop for water because I’m dying. But also I need a beer. They light up more joints and we break apart.

Around 7:30 p.m.: We head over to the Pepsi Stage and get a good spot in the crowd for Sylvan Esso.

Sylvan Esso is like an American version of AlunaGeorge, with minimal drums and synths that really pack a punch. After hours of rowdy frat-boy EDM at Perry’s Stage, it feels good to be at a show where I feel a little more at home and comfortable. Sylvan Esso begins their set as more joints are lit. As the show ends, we wait for the headliner..

Flying Lotus absolutely murders his set with an awesome, triangularly shaped, projector screen in front of him for nearly the whole time playing animations and graphics that coincide with the instrumentals. It’s hard to describe a FlyLo show or put it into words (even when sober, guys), but if you ever get the chance to see one, try and get as close as you can because it will blow the fuck out of your mind.

Then after What So Not, we are back at the hotel, where puke happens and passing out follows.


People are milling around between 8-9 a.m., but the wake up is not as uniform as yesterday, you know, since we’re all incredibly hungover. But this is Lollapolooza, and we must rise.

Everyone rallies and gets some more of the free, albeit still terrible, breakfast in before we begin drinking at, you bet, 10:30 a.m.

Then it’s off to the races.

On the way, I run into a struggle rapper trying to “give” me his mixtape. Well I thought he was giving it to me, but after literally forcing it into my hand he tells me it’s $5. I’m sure you’ve come across this before, but this guy, well he’s something else: when I tell him I don’t have any cash, he pulls out a credit card reader and says, “I take credit.” After awkwardly stumbling my way out of that situation, we were onwards towards the festival gates.

First on the schedule is Travi$ Scott, but when get there, he’s already off the stage. People in line told me Travi$ told the crowd to rush the stage and then was kicked off and arrested for “trying to start a riot.” Info verified by Pitchfork.

Next up is Caked Up. My crew and I create a large hole in the crowd by pushing people back, when suddenly it appears we have started our own dancing circle, with mobs of people jumping in to mosh when the beat drops. I got hit so hard at one point I thought I might die. Or puke.

After the events of Mobfest 2015 at Caked Up, I dip out to chill for a bit before Tyler The Creator at 5:45 p.m. I grab a piece of pizza and get two more tall beers because I must avoid the slumps from setting in at all costs.

As expected, the Tyler show is fantastic and Tyler, Taco, & Jasper have us all jumping and yelling along. There’s nothing quite like the energy of a Tyler the Creator show in a festival setting, like punk rock mixed with heavy metal.. except they’re rapping.

We split up, I check out Kid Cudi for a minute, and eventually end up at Carnage before catching Alesso.

Alesso puts on a pretty good show, brings out Tove Lo. Then it’s back to the hotel.


Sunday morning is rough for everyone; the energy we all had Friday is now a melancholy shade of ow. Insomuch, we all sleep in until about 11 a.m., and when we arise, we head to Chipotle to gain some much needed sustenance and rally up some energy.

All the shows are delayed for about a half hour because of dumb stupid shit weather, but luckily we aren’t there when the venue gets evacuated.

The first show we go to is ODESZA at and it’s super chill. We stay at the Bud Light stage after that, just drinking and smoking until A$AP Rocky comes out around 8:15pm. So basically like all day I guess? He plays a great set with all of his hits, while randomly throwing in some surprises like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and a feature from Chicago’s own Vic Mensa.

We head to the Pepsi stage to see Kygo’s set next. However he only gets to play about 20 minutes because the previously mentioned dumb shit bad weather. This is definitely disappointing, but only a hiccup of negativity in what was an overall great weekend.

After the show I am basic white bitch literally dead, and we head back to the hotel to feed and sleep.


The feeling you have on the drive back from something like this is a funny one. Of course you feel shitty, having just binged on alcohol, tobacco, and possible illegal substances for three days straight, but there’s another aspect to it that I find is rather amusing: everything that had blurred together over the past three days begins to fall into place as you remember reminisce with your comrades.