90s Nickelodeon Cartoons You Wish Were Still Around

If you were born in the 90s, you know the greatness that Nickelodeon produced then. 90s Nick was not only the best after school shows you watched while eating your Totino’s pizza rolls, but they were the best cartoon shows to ever grace television history. Even if you were born in the late 90s and only know Queen songs and Third Eyed Blind’s “Semi Charmed Life,” you still considered yourself a 90s baby because you experienced 90s Nick. Here are some classic 90s Nickelodeon shows you wish kids today can experienced and learned from (besides only iCarly and Victorious).


Hey Arnold!

You can’t forget that football head or the jazzy intro. Hey Arnold! was a staple to a 90s middle-schooler’s life. Arnold lived in the city with his grandparents, hung out with his best friend Herald with the weirdly tall haircut, and had had a secret admirer, Helga, that bullied him around. Her love resembled a typical middle-school love — pretending to hate a boy when you secretly liked him, then trying every way to get him to notice you. The show was basically a cartoon version of real-life city boy’s day with his friends, relatable to kids from every generation. Also, who can forget that heat snow episode.



It’s not one of the best 90s Nick cartoon, but it was just so weird you just couldn’t stop watching. Cat and Dog are conjoined pets that are completely the opposite. Cat’s moody Debbie-downer attitude counteracts Dog’s “I’m doing whatever I want” mentality. Dog was bae, the cute pet everyone wanted (with just a little bit of training). It’s an unrealistic cartoon combo in TV history, but it did teach us one thing — you fight with your siblings, but you can’t get live without them.


Rocket Power

Rocket Power was the group of kids you wished to be during the “scene” days — the skaters who hung out at the park and looked cool and “chill” that it had us all dreaming of moving to California one day. Otto, Reggie, Squid, and Twister, could rip some wicked shreds on the half pipe and had some weird “woogily” handshake. Tito is one of the best characters, keeping his Hawaiian cool at the “Shore Shack.”


As Told By Ginger

As Told By Ginger was (to some extent) Mean Girls in cartoon form. Ginger Foutley is Cady Heron and Courtney Griling is Regina George. But in all seriousness, the whole series was so likeable because it wasall girls’ concerns and thoughts as a middle-and high-schooler. Ginger’s social and love life was the tumultuous “does he like me, or does he like me not” mindset of all preteen girls. The embarrassing involvement of moms and the need to spread every single gossip around school makes it a cartoon soap-opera to keep around. Also remember how it taught everyone about lice?


The Wild Thornberrys

Who doesn’t want a talking chimp as their best friend and be able to talk to animals?! The Wild Thornberrys funded everyone’s nerdy travel brain. You learned more about animals from just watching The Thornberrys be crazy nomads traveling the world. Eliza could have been the worst character, but we’ll forgive her because she could talk to pandas. Nigel, the dad, was by far the best character, with his nasally British voice and quirky vocabulary, aka dumpling and puppet. Debbie’s cartoon outfit was on-point, an easy Halloween outfit to pull off.

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