9 Things You Should Always Fight For And 1 You Never Should

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You should fight hard for what you want. We’ve heard that before and agreed. We’ve fought with passion and vigor. We have surprised ourselves with how far we’re willing to go but have never given up on our potential.

Deep down, we know that we are incredible and we need to keep going, keep rising and keep living the way that we know we deserve. So we fight for the life we’re meant for. We strive to craft our personal stories that leave a legacy.

We fight so hard that sometimes we run out of breath, faith and time. But we always fight. We never give up, and we never should.

So don’t.

There are many things in life that we should attack with as much grace as there is drive. There are many things that warrant our strength as much as they warrant our compassion. There are many things that merit the fight worth fighting:

1. Your Job

Fight for something that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

2. Your Salary

Fight for a number that not only sustains you, but showcases your worth.

3. Your Car/Rent

Fight for a price that’s fair and coincides with research in your market.

4. Your Bargain

Fight for the value at the flea market, the upgrades, the vouchers, the sale item and Craigslist items.

5. Your Figure

Fight for your health, how you want to look, and how you want to feel each day.

6. Your Rights

Fight for your entitlements, what’s given to you by law or by life, or by whatever religion you believe in.

7. Your Friends

Fight for the people that have made your life and been through it with you.

8. Your Family

Fight for your blood and the people that have never left your side.

9. Your Life

Fight for one more day, one more dream, and one more everything. Keep breathing, keep moving, and just keep on going.

But love should never be one of those things you fight for.

Love is natural. Love is organic. Love is certainly not easy, and probably one of the hardest things to do throughout life, but it is real. It is not something to tear yourself apart over — not when you’re the only one fighting for it.

Love is not something to kill your soul for when it’s not returned. Love is not something that should seem impossible, but should rather open up a thousand possibilities. It should be the power that fuels you to fight for everything else.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try when you’re in love. Love requires effort. Love requires time, struggle, and strength. Love is fucking hard. But you should never be combating alone.

Your lover should be the person fighting all of life’s battles with you. You should be each other’s right-hand man, better half, first mate and greatest teammate. You should both need each other as much as the other and no one should ever feel unwanted.

You should fight for each other. If you are meant to be then you will be. And you should never have to convince someone of that.

Fight for the life that you want as hard as you possibly can. Be the person that is worth fighting for and worth the conquest. Love will find you once you’re ready, and no battle will seem as large as before.

Fight for what’s important. Fight for what is right. Fight for it all, but never fight for love. Let love — true love — find you and guide you to what you’re meant to do. Screw convincing or assuring… because love is all knowing.

So don’t fight for love… fall for it.

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