9 Surefire Ways To Tell If Louise Belcher Is Your Spirit Animal

Olive Wassen
Olive is a college student who enjoys Chinese food, sarcasm, and movies. If you ever want to talk about Johnny Depp hit her up.

Louise Belcher, the youngest child of “Bob’s Burgers,” has style, wit, and a total lack of interest in authority. I like to think that we all have a little bit of Louise in us, but here are some telltale signs:

When you’re in class and there’s that one person who just won’t shut up.

They could be the typical over-sharer or the ignorant buttwad who keeps forcing their ill-informed political views down your throat. Either way, you just want to smack the snot out of them.


When you’ve spent your whole life maturing your sarcastic satire and your family just doesn’t understand the beauty of your talent.

Every time you have to go to a family function they just don’t fully appreciate you and your sarcastic comments.


You’re incredibly sensible.

Sure, sometimes you push the envelope, but you’re positive that the copious amount of time you have spent watching crime shows has prepared you for anything.

Anything you set out to do you give 100 percent of your attention and time to. You turn your nose up to those who do a subpar job. You give it your all, or you don’t bother.


You’re aware of the world, really.

Whenever you turn on the television and see that Trump is still running for president….well.


You know what gets the people going.

If you can do something to get a person to smile, you’ll jump at the chance. You’re basically Mother Teresa.

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You know by now that you shouldn’t be nearly as obsessed with Harry Styles as you are, but you just can’t resist him.

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You’re a person who only needs a few things in life.

In all reality you’re probably the most reasonable person when it comes to materialistic “needs”.

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Let’s face it — you see yourself in Louise Belcher.

She’s got spunk, knows what she wants in life, and is unapologetically herself. Yes, she may be slightly understood by the people around her, but you connect with her on an emotional level.

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