9 DJ Duos That Are The Definition Of #FriendshipGoals

Mark Wolf
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#Squadgoals are important. Some say we even become the average of our five closest friends. But what about your partner-in-crime? Your right hand? Your go-to? Drake references aside, these nine DJ duos formed strategic partnerships that balance out their weak points and complement their strengths so they can function as a cohesive unit.

How? Read on.


1. The Chainsmokers

Drew and Alex were introduced through a #FriendshipGoals matchmaker, of sorts. Their manager Adam Alpert was able to see them both objectively. Where Drew wasn’t beardy enough, Alex was plenty beardy. So he paired them up, and the rest is a memory.

Catch them at The Forest Hills Stadium June 8 and 9 for their Memories Tour.


2. Two Friends

The name says it all, right? Matt and Eli met in high school and just clicked. Lesson here is not to discredit your day-ones because you’ve grown so familiar with them.

Yes, familiarity breeds contempt. There are ways around that. Engaging in new activities (DJing in Matt and Eli’s case) naturally brings out new sides from us and our friends.

Here’s their inaugural “Out Of Love” EP:


3. Sunnery James + Ryan Marciano

We caught up with SJ+RM recently and learned about how Sunnery was Ryan’s boss for a hot second. I mean…whenever, wherever, they’re meant to bond over their mutual love of Shakira.

See the full interview here.


4. Axwell /\ Ingrosso

Exemplifying the old adage “you find who you love when you’re doing what you love.” These two met in Stockholm’s club scene at the dawn of their careers, when Ingrosso had already been childhood friends with Steve Angello.

Catch them playing in Brooklyn at Deport 52 March 17 and 18 for the first NYC show in two years!



5. Cheat Codes

This story is a little tangled, so we’ll make it simple:

Matt + Trevor = Acquaintances from playing a show together in St. Louis when they were both in bands. Both moved to LA on their own and became roommates.

Matt + Kevi = Sued by the same person. Won the case. Felt empowered. Started a company called “Cheat Codes.”

Then Trevor ended up collaborating with Matt and Kevi on some songs and the rest is sexy.


6. Galantis

These two hunks met on Tinder in a right swipe that would change the course of their lives forever. Or at least that’s what they claimed in their Reddit AMA.

Regardless, they were both industry greats before Galantis was born. Linus was solo DJ/Producer “Style of Eye” and Christian was 1/3rd of the indie rock band Miike Snow (and produced “Toxic” by Britney Spears under the moniker “Bloodshy”)

We’re excited for their headlining show at Hammerstein Ballroom on April 6 and 7.


7. The Knocks

Roommates again? I’m interpreting that pattern to mean that these duos were only able to make great music after getting extremely comfortable with one another.

B-roc and J-patt started making music together after receiving what they deemed “The Knocks” from neighbors, which forced them to go into one another’s rooms to finish their projects.

Their live shows kill, and we’re looking forward to seeing them at Terminal 5 on March 25 for their Feel Good Feel Great


8. Lost Kings

Multi-instrumentalist Dr. No and DJ Robert Gainley first met over a bottle of whiskey at a party in L.A. then hit the studio every night to make music.

Nick (Dr. No) was having a tough time and even considered moving back home to Baltimore, while Rob was frustrated with how flaky the city seemed because he couldn’t find anyone that he could actually make music with. The two spent every night after that making music in Nick’s studio. The result? They just opened for Tiësto at The Brooklyn Hangar.

Here’s their latest tune:


9. Hotel Garuda

Manilla Killa met Aseem Mangaokar in middle school when he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. The two drifted apart but reignited their friendship over Facebook seven years later to form Hotel Garuda. Thanks Zucks!

Catch these two killaz at Bowery Ballroom May 5.


So there you have it. Two minds are better than one, and three minds have the most fun.

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