8 Times T.Swift Proved She Was A Snake Before Kim K Exposed Her

As most of you know, Taylor Swift recently had her day of reckoning when she was exposed as a little bit more than the innocent nice-girl she claims to be.

As a refresher, Taylor Swift was angry when Kanye referenced her in his new song “Famous,” despite the fact that Yeezy claims she authorized the lyrics beforehand. Taylor denied it, but Kim K SWIFTLY took to Snapchat to dismantle Swift’s plan to drag Kanye. She posted a series of recordings where a phone call with Taylor does in fact prove she knew about the racy lyrics and was down with the song.

But, believe it or not, this was not the first time that Taylor showed signs of being of snake. Now that we have legitimate proof, it’s time to break down eight times this ultimate SHADE KWEEN dished it out, but couldn’t take it.


1. When she wrote “Out of The Woods” about Harry Styles and conveniently dropped the music video after pictures of him and Kendall Jenner kissing emerged online. Did he authorize any of this slandering? Didn’t think so…



2. Oh yeah and that time she mouthed the words, “shut the F up” when One Direction took the stage at the 2013 VMAs.


3. When she took another stab at Styles by thanking “the person who inspired this song, because now I have one of these.” When she won a 2013 VMA moon man for “I Knew You Were Trouble” (yet another song written about Harry *eye roll*).


4. When she wrote YET ANOTHER song about someone. This time it was about her beef with Katy Perry, called “Bad Blood,” which she wrote after Katy apparently tried to sabotage Taylor’s tour at the time. She then assembled her famous girl squad and, of course, made a music video referencing her hatred for her arch nemesis (see a pattern here?).



5. When she claimed she helped write the song “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna. But Calvin quickly shut that shit down with this series of tweets calling her bluff.


6. That one time she tried to assume Nicki Minaj’s tweet about VMA nominations was about her and Nicki was like damn girl relax why you coming at me? but I say hey! If the shoe fits…

7. That time she donated $250k to Kesha’s legal fees involving her sexual abuse case against Dr. Luke, but didn’t actually take the opportunity to use her platform to help women in the industry. She was quickly dragged by Demi Lovato shortly after.



8. Lastly, she just cannot dance and I personally will not trust anyone who is THIS off beat.

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