8 Things Even President Trump Can’t Change About Our Lives

Leo was raised with the perfect balance of pop culture obsession and a total lack of athleticism. He spends most of his time trying to decide what show to watch next, giving up, and then putting on Chopped or Seinfeld. His parents thought he'd be a doctor or lawyer until he wrote his SAT essay explaining the entire plot of the show "Lost." Leo now works in NYC and fulfills his desperate need for attention by writing articles and playing with leashed dogs waiting for their owner to get out of Starbucks.

The inauguration is over and we’re all still here! While many people are still nervous about what’s happened so far and what’s left to come…let’s take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at eight things in 2017 that even an executive order can’t change…

1. 2017 will bring a lot of change, but you will still always have that friend who eats twice as much as you and still…will…never…gain weight.

2. You might be for or against the Affordable Care Act but we can all agree that no one can force us off our parents’ cell phone plan.

3. We should try to picture the world we’d like to live in but we’re sorry, when you go out with your friends, you’re still as terrible of a dancer as you were in 2016.
4. Public transportation is the great equalizer. The rich, the poor, liberals, and conservatives all need to get somewhere and in 2017, you will still make just as much super awkward eye contact with that rando across the way.
5. We now live in a world of alternative facts so it’s okay to pretend you won’t re-download Tinder again or that you’re just going on to check the “crowd size” of those right swipes.

6. Politics can drive a wedge between families but even worse, your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. will mess up your Netflix queue with their terrible selections. No one wants to see the recommendations… “Because you watched Santa Paws.”

7. 2017 will bring a new food trend, you will try it, and you will hate it. Let’s unite and just acknowledge that matcha tastes like dirt.

8. Finally, this is the year for all of us to be our best but you will still “NOPE” you’re way out of committing to that gym membership.

While you’ll still be your clumsy, unhealthy, and TV-obsessed self, 2017 has shown that all of us awkward people can make a difference when we all come together