8 Places To Sneak In A Bang During A Music Festival

Whether genuine or drug induced, love is in the air as festival approaches. It’s a time to be free, have fun, vibe out and enjoy life. But let’s be real, it has A LOT to do with the hot guys and girls were going to meet there. I know most of the sex stories you’ve heard from festival season are usually horror stories, but I really believe that if there is a will there is definitely a way. And if there is a way then there’s a right way to do it.

Now trust that things can get a little funky at music festivals especially those four-or-five-day-long camping trips set in the deep woods or in the middle of the desert. Not only do you have to battle nature’s bullshit like rain and heat waves, but you need to make sure you also stay so fresh and so clean. Please bring those baby wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant it’ll pay off in the end.

If you’re looking to break free and have some unadulterated fun or you’re looking for a Notebook type romance whilst tripping balls to Tame Impala or even if you brought your boo with you, either way you’re going to need to find some alone time.



1. Ferris Wheel

Don’t know how far you can go on here considering that you only have a certain amount of time before the wheel makes its way back down, but if you find someone up for the challenge you know they’re a keeper.

2. Your tent/their tent

I know this is painfully obvious, but the timing needs to be just right. Don’t sneak off at 2 p.m. when no one good is performing. The sun has already been beating down on your tent for hours and you’ll both probably just pass out from heat stroke, yikes. Sneak off when the sun goes down and things cool down, if you catch my drift *wink wink*

3. Try to find a hookup with a hotel

A lot of festival goers ditch the tents, porta potties and brushing their teeth with bottle water for the comfort of a hotel. Maybe use this as a primary talking point, “Where’d you camp out?” “Oh! You have a hotel room! That’s great…”


4. RV

This is a step up from a tent but a step down from a hotel. But at least there’s a door with a lock and hopefully a bathroom oh and probably some good snacks!


5. Empty storage containers?

I guess if you can figure out some sweet parkour moves and climb up into one go for it! Just make sure it’s for storage and not for garbage…

6. Sneak into the artist lounge 

While the festival peasants rough it out in general tent parking, the one definite oasis at any festival is wherever the artists stay. If you’re feeling like a dare devil and frisky enough to sneak in and get away with it — God speed.


7. Behind food trucks 

Most likely there’s not going to be too much activity going on behind the food scene, so it’s a perfect getaway. Get yourself a hot dog after for all your hard work.

8. Porto Potties

Yeah, I know it’s really really really really gross — heck, I didn’t even want to include it on this list. But when you gotta bang, you gotta bang…right?