8 Magazine Covers That We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

For all those magazine lovers out there, the end of the year is what we have been waiting for (in terms of cover glory). We wait while cover after cover come out, just to see who has kept the secret the longest on who will grace them. I don’t know about you, but I follow every magazine’s Instagram just to get a first glimpse of their cover of the month, because that is where it breaks!

Here are the top eight covers (in my opinion) that are rockin’ it throughout publishing world:


1. Joe Jonas on #legend, August 2016


We are burning up for Joe Jonas, who is looking smokin’ hot on the cover of #legend. Honestly, I don’t expect anything less from the DNCE lead singer. It just looks like he is staring into my soul and waiting for my to buy a copy of this mag (and I did).

** There’s about to be a battle of the ex and current BF. Not sorry SORRY!


2, Zayn Malik on PAPER, Summer 2016


Sexy Zayn is right. A close up of the PAPER magazine’s Summer 2016 issue has all of us laying on our pillows, talking to our girlfriends about this hunk and trying to figure out how we can compete with his supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.


3. Serena Williams on SELF, September 2016


One of the most popular female athletes to date, Serena Williams shows a but load of confidence (no pun intended) on SELF’s September cover. STRONG IS SEXY and Serena sure shows it.


4. Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West on Harpar’s Bazaar, September 2016


KIMYE wins. But all I’m asking is where’s North and Saint West?


5. Blake Lively on Marie Claire UK, August 2016



Who doesn’t like a nice “look over the shoulder” shot? Blake does it right. She’s giving us the classic Serena sultry eye. All the colors of this cover work perfectly and are just enhanced by the one gold bangle on her wrist. Marriage, motherhood and mistakes? I don’t think you can do anything wrong Blake!


6. Kerry Washington on InStyle, September 2016


This has been handled by Kerry Washington, and with two covers this time. Washington wears minimal make-up and army green as a statement for fall (hello #trending fall colors). Especially since it features her brand new OPI nail polish line “Washington DC.”


7. Mila Kunis on Glamour, August 2016


No makeup Mondays aren’t a thing anymore. It’s no makeup ever for Mila Kunis. She rocks the cover of Glamour’s August 2016 issue makeup free and was completely confident about it. Cheers to that Mila.


8. Kendall Jenner on VOGUE, September 2016


WOW. Kendall Jenner managed to keep this huge secret for so long. We should have known when she chopped her hair off that something was fishy… but we were too invested in what Kim and Kanye were wearing or what ingredients Kylie puts into her Ramen. Anyways, Kendall is a classic beauty on the cover, and not to mention, wears a great bold brow. But I think this cover may have launched more than a billion likes. You go Kenny.