8 Foodie Pairings That Will Get You Even More Excited For EZoo

Ashley Falzone
Ashley is your semi-above-average 20 something living in Astoria who lives and breathes NYC life. She goes about her days looking forward to all the food she will consume. She also loves referencing Kanye West quotes in her articles whenever applicable.

Electric Zoo got its name from the vast “zoo” of food delicacies it presents over the course of three days, right? Full disclaimer: I know absolutely nada about EDM music. Does Cascada count as EDM? But, lucky for you all, my lack of unz-unz-unz knowledge has absolutely nothing to do with my knowledge of this festival’s mouthwatering eats. And come on, we all know the fist pumping jams are just that much better with these amazing vendors.

It is quite rare to see a whole host of NYC’s most delicious gather on one island, but Electric Zoo is strategically bringing the best of the food world to their festival, and for that, I’ll get down to some EDM music. The following list highlights some favorites that are shining their culinary expertise at this 3-day electronic music event.


1. Bareburger: Known for their organic, all-natural burgers, this gem of a place actually originated in my beloved Astoria. If they have the country bacon with ostrich, get the country bacon with ostrich. Or bison. Or elk. Bareburger doesn’t discriminate with their meat.



Pairs well with:

(This song gets me just a little emotional, as do burgers from Bareburger.)


2. Calexico: Three brothers from California started this venture as a taco truck. Since, they’ve won the Vendy Award for best street food in NYC (basically the Oscars of food), and now have multiple locations in this great city of ours. The carne asada and pollo asado burritos are solid reasons to attend this fest…and also any other taco that they offer.



Pairs well with:


3. Luke’s Lobster: Where else can you get the freshest Maine lobsters outside of Maine? The lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls are all delectable choices, and their size makes it easy to carry around and eat while raging.



Pairs well with: 

(Just the name of this artist perfectly describes the emotions I have when I taste delicious lobster.)


4. Kimchi Taco Truck: Korean BBQ at its finest. What once started out as a taco truck has now upgraded to a brick and mortar location. Pretty much everything has the Korean delicacy, kimchi, in it. Must haves: Korean BBQ short rib taco and Korean fried chicken.




Pairs well with: 


5. Melt Bakery: Melt specializes in ice cream sandwiches made from seasonally appropriate and locally sourced ingredients. The Elvis = Peanut Butter Cookies + Banana Ice Cream. You can’t go wrong devouring this.




Pairs well with: 

(Sugah, sugah, how you get so flyyyy?)


6. La New Yorkina Ice Pops: Inspired by Mexico’s quintessential frozen treats, paletas (ice pops), this cart has expanded across NY much like the rest of our vendors. Flavors include mango-chile, fresh coconut, and avocado, to name a few. For this partying atmosphere, I’m sure the mango-Chile will get your heart racing alongside the beats.



Pairs well with:


(No matter how sweaty you may get, do not, I repeat, do not use these pops as icepacks)


7. Handsome Hank’s Fried Chicken: Handsome Hank owns the culinary scene in NYC right now, specializing in a fish hut AND fried chicken. You keep slaying them, Hank. He’s bringing hot fried chicken sandwiches with a cool dab of dill ranch. Say thank you, festival goers.348s


Pairs well with:

(I just feel like because Handsome Hank is killing the food game right now, he’s just like, BYE FELICIA.)


8. Excell’s Kingston Bakery: This eatery will have everyone singing “Ja-maican me want to dance.” While they are usually only located at Smorgasburg, you are getting a real treat by having them grace you with their presence at EZoo. Order the Jerk chicken with the rice, and while you’re at it, have them bust open a coconut for you. No festival would be complete without a basic picture of you sipping from a coconut.




Pairs well with: