7 Things That Guys Do Before Dates That Will Surprise You

Colby Mamigonian
UNH '14 Exercise Science alumni. Balancing the creative with the scientific, and letting each side have its moments in the spotlight.

Generally speaking, there seems to be a misconception that first dates are more anxiety prone for women. It could be because, also generally speaking, the guy is usually the one who asks the woman out. Or it could be because everyone has that image of the girl taking hours to get everything right — the outfit, the makeup, the hair, the shoes, and whatever else girls need to prepare.

But, let me be clear, it is just as nerve-wracking for the guy in this situation, even if we do a decent job at hiding it.

There is plenty of time and thought put into what we are going to wear, the grooming process, our final decision on shoe selections, and even how we’d like to smell. Here are seven common pre-date routines guys do, just so you can appreciate our apprehension as well.


1. Brush our teeth multiple times

This includes scrubbing our tongues until they are raw, and then burning our mouths to the point of tears with Listerine. Gurgling…lots of gurgling. Nothing worse than a bad burp mid-date that brings a whiff of an earlier meal with it! A proper gum/mint plan is also a staple to the pre-date routine. We will always be prepared.


2. Manscape down to the finest detail

Every. Single. Unwanted. Hair. Gone. Pubes trimmed to perfection.

manscape animated GIF


3. Finding the best shirt to wear

Pants are easy, but finding the right shirt for the occasion is a pain in the ass. Are long-sleeves going to be too warm? Short-sleeves too casual? Button-up? Collar? What color!?

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4. Check ourselves in the mirror at least a dozen times in the last fifteen minutes before leaving

We are usually ahead of time when we’re getting ready. This can be a bad thing, though. It gives us time to think, second guess, change our shirt, re-brush our teeth, sit down, crease our pants and then pace around trying to avoid sitting. Just when we think we can finally relax, we say “fuck it” while rushing to the mirror and scrutinizing everything all over again.


5. Finding the right amount of cologne to use

We squirt a little, go into the other room with the rest of the guys, kill five minutes watching TV, realize we no longer smell ourselves and then put on more. This usually ends up being too much.

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6. Nervous bathroom issues

Nervous stomachs and the fear of having to go during the date have us heading to the bathroom quite often beforehand. Expect at least two or three trips to the toilet before we leave to pick our date up.


7. Taking a shot or chugging a mixed drink

Beer equals burps later on. But we still need to loosen up and shave some of that anxiety off, so just a little bit of liquor is a must. If we’re living with roommates, this could turn into two or three… and if we seem buzzed, chances are we are. Don’t make us out to be alcoholics, though! It’s just to calm the nerves.

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