7 Reasons Stevie Nicks Is Still Our Favorite Rock-n-Roll Queen

Shawls. Lace. Corsets. Chiffon. Frosted eye shadow. Lip-gloss. Velvet. Platform boots.

There is only one Stevie Nicks, and any true rocker knows she is Queen. The Fleetwood mac singer has not left the cultural conversation and here’s why:


1. She is a boss at twirling.

“ I do this thing at the end when the music’s going duh-duh-duh-duh-duh … to me it’s like the horses are running through the forest and the goddesses and gods are all there. It’s a really dramatic part, and when I perform ‘Rhiannon’ myself onstage, I always twirl to it and I love it…when you twirl, you want to look beautiful, you know? You want to have your hands up, and you definitely want to spot or you will get dizzy.” – Stevie Nicks

She spins around for no reason, but for every reason. She owns the stage — her microphone is her pivot point. She twirls like some people stomp; she twirls with attitude, in spike-heeled platforms. She spots too, which shows how much she means business.


2. She is a general badass and icon of self-expression.

“I’m behind the time, but in my own fashion world.”

Everyone loves Stevie’s personal style: the shawls, knee-high platform black boots, fingerless gloves, and gorgeous dresses. Last year she turned 68, and she still rocks the platform boots, tambourines, trailing scarves and top hats. Can you get any more rock n’ roll?


3. She invented songwriting.

“Players only love you when they’re playing”

Name a more relatable human… I’ll wait. She was also nominated for Songwriter’s Hall of Fame along with Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie and named one of Paste’s 100 Best living songwriters.


4. She was in American Horror Story

“I’m Stevie Nicks.” Stevie appeared in AHS (American Horror Story) as the “white witch.” There have been actual rumors that she was involved in witchcraft, but she has denied these allegations. Clearly she has a sense of humor because she sang the seven wonders in the finale of coven. Anyways…who cares, even if she was a witch, Stevie still slays.


4. She is the only female artist to have number one albums as a solo act and as a member of a band.

“I think every band should have a girl on it, because it’s always going to make for cooler stuff going on than if it’s just a bunch of guys.”

Stevie told Jim Irvin in mojo magazine. She has lived by this her entire career, going her own ambitious way on her own terms in the sexist world of rock without a ruffle out of place.


6. She is a fervent feminist and always speaks up for what she believes in.

“When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, 
vain, empty.”

Stevie has a desire to celebrate and promote womanhood to all aspects of her life.

She called out society’s double standards for women like a damn boss. Rock n’ roll AF.


7. She is a magical, celestial human being.


“There is always magic to be summoned at any point. I love to live in a world of magic, but not a fake world of magic. We all really basically have a lot of magic … it’s only those of us that choose to accept it, that really understand it. It’s there for everyone. That’s the only thing that I feel that I am able to give to people and that’s why I know that they respond to me, because I try to give them only their own magic … not mine, but theirs.”

True. Stevie is far more funny and frank and forthright than her fragile fairy persona might suggest. Stevie is, in fact, one helluva girl.

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