7 ‘Black Girl Hair Problems’ Memes That Are Just Too Accurate

Lindsey Washington
Lindsey Washington aka lindsanity to her friends can either be found roaming the city looking for shade or out with friends throwing shade. She is currently trying to work on her obsession with Lil Wayne and accepting the fact that they will probably never get married, also Drake.

#BlackGirlProblems — this is a hashtag I have never related to more than when it comes to my hair. Whenever I get sad about losing a bobby pin in my massive mane (it has happened so many times) or break yet another comb (RIP to you guys) I just go on Twitter, Tumblr, or even Buzzfeed to cheer myself up and to remind myself that I’m not the only one going through the struggle.

Here are a few memes that really put my struggle, and the struggle of so many others, into words.


I put this first because it is ESSENTIAL THAT EVERYBODY UNDERSTAND NEVER TO TOUCH MY (or any black girl’s) HAIR EVER. I don’t care if I have braids, cornrows, it’s straight, wavy, curly or a combed out afro. #handsoff


Like really, don’t touch it. Also this girl is adorable.


As someone who (sometimes) tries to eat organically, I also try to use organic things on my hair. While I’ve never used a lot of these products, things like olive oil, apple cider vinegar and tea are very beneficial for your hair’s health.


There is nothing worse than tying your silk scarf with your perfectly-done hair only to wake up at 3 a.m. and it is nowhere to be found. Even worse is waking up for work and realizing you didn’t wake up earlier to find your scarf, therefore saving your hair.


This is all too accurate. Thinking, “Oh, I’ll just use my silk pillowcase,” or, “Oh, I’ll just lay extra still and not move.” “Oh, just one night should be fine.” Oh no, you were wrong.


The only thing that will ruin my hair faster than losing my hair scarf is a hot and humid day. Not only will the humidity ruin a good twist out or a new straight do, but it also seems to completely change the fundamental makeup of your hair and no amount of product can bring you back from that.


Have you ever seen me wear a bun? It’s probably because I’ve twisted my hair and took it out before it was dried. This is the saddest thing that could happen in my week. At this point in the story there is no saving your hair, no amount of product, re-twisting, blowdrying or flat ironing that can help you now, you’ve got to bun it up and move on.