6 Meaningful Gifts For The Holidays That Your BFFL Will Actually Like

It’s easy to get stressed out over shopping for the holidays, especially if you have a lot of gifts to buy. Of course, your best girlfriend is at the top of your friend gift list. She’s always there for you, and this year you want to get something that truly shows how much you love her. However, it can be a challenge to come up with something special.

If you’ve already done some of the stereotypical “girl gifts” — sets of bath products, candles, a pretty scarf — you might be sweating it. No worries. Think about what your best girlfriend needs, values and enjoys the most, and you’ll soon find a gift she’ll always remember.


Give a gift that keeps on giving

Magazine subscriptions are cool, but now you have so many other subscription options. Depending on your budget, you can send your BFF gifts for a couple of weeks, months or even a year. Your foodie friend might love getting a monthly box of exotic foods or candy. If she has trouble getting a quick meal on the table for dinner, spring for a weekly meal kit subscription. Whether she’s vegan, gluten-free, or eats organic, there’s a food box for her.

Makeup-loving girlfriends can get a beauty box each month full of cosmetic samples. Fashionistas would be happy to get a new accessory or piece of costume jewelry to add to their collection each month. You can even simply spruce up her desk with a monthly fresh bouquet of flowers. Each new shipment will put a smile on her face.


Turn your friendship into art

Hopefully you’ve documented the special times in your lives together through photos. Get your favorite one printed on canvas or buy a multi-photo frame to fill up with memories. Your best girlfriend might be your best traveling buddy. Find a print, photo or painting that will remind her of your trips together.


Share best friend jewelry

Remember those half-heart BFF necklaces you could find at every discount jewelry store in middle school? Maybe you and your girl even wore them back in the day. Best friend jewelry is still cool, but jewelers have given best friend jewelry a new name with elegant upgrades. Yes, you can get the half-hearts that fit together, but you can also get other best friend jewelry with unique meanings and split symbols. Consider matching pendants or ones that are the same style but have your birthstones or first initials.

Charm bracelets with beads can reflect your shared interests or things you’ve done together and will help solve your gift-giving dilemma for holidays to come. Just add on another charm or bead to mark special times.

Is your friend’s jewelry taste more on the quirky side? Look for bracelets or necklaces with charms that go together. Two peas in a pod, cookies and milk, or the sun and the moon are just a few options.


Present an exciting experience

The perfect gift doesn’t always come in a box or bag. This year, try giving her an experience present instead. Your adventurous best girlfriend may be thrilled with a hot air balloon ride, trying out a zip line, or taking a cooking class. You can pamper her by taking her to a high tea, unique restaurant, or the spa.

You know everything about your bestie from her favorite band to her favorite basketball team, so find an event you can enjoy together. She’ll be thrilled to open an envelope and see concert tickets. Friends who love art, history, or animals would appreciate a membership that lets her visit the museum or zoo whenever she wants.


Donate to her pet cause

Your best friend is probably special to you because she has a big heart. She may have charities or organizations that are near and dear to her, too. For the bestie who has everything, knowing you donated money in her name can be the greatest gift of all.

If her pets are her life, donate to the local animal shelter. “Adopt” a child or a family for the holidays and buy them gifts from her. For a best girlfriend who spends her free time volunteering, contribute to her cause. You can always give her something small — like a cute dog-themed shirt if you donated to a pet-related charity — if it’s important for her to have a gift to open.


Offer your services

Make your friend’s life a little easier by taking some chores off her plate. Hire a housecleaning service or a professional organizer to help streamline her closet. You could also do those things yourself, or find some other task she’s been putting off. Maybe she needs help running errands or painting a room.

If you love to cook — and your best girlfriend loves reaping the benefits — whip up a big batch of her favorite entree so she can pull dinner out of the freezer on hectic days. Satisfy your best girlfriend’s sweet tooth by baking her favorite treat, or make something unusual or fancy.


No matter what your budget or your best girlfriend’s interests, you’re sure to find a meaningful gift this holiday season. It’s just another way to show how much you cherish and appreciate having her in your life (even better, many of these gift ideas can be applied to all the significant others out there looking to make the holidays extra special!).