5 Up and Coming Female Artists You Should Know

Evangeline Axiotis
Evangeline Axiotis goes by many nicknames, (mainly inappropriate ones), but most people know her as a music festival junkie. She's currently going through a quarter-life crisis. Her biggest supporter is her dad who constantly reminds her that raving is not a real job - but she hopes to change that soon. She can also recite any Biggie Smalls song by heart.

1. Evvy

I was lucky enough to catch Evvy perform at the Women In Music holiday party, and I instantly developed a girl crush when she took stage at Le Poisson Rouge. Hailing from NYC, Evvy just released her new single “Tidal Wave.” She has this effortless way of performing and, not to mention, the girl has pipes! Her tumblr reads “Evvy: /eh-vy/: ethereal swag. That pretty much sums her up.

Sounds like: Lana Del Rey meets Taylor Swift

Best enjoyed: Getting ready for a night out


2. K. Flay

K. Flay has been around for a minute, having already toured with Snoop Dogg and Passion Pit, but she’s recently enjoying her musical freedom since she parted ways with RCA records. She’s far from the top 40-radio sound, and her last album “Life as a Dog” really embraces that. Her music blends all sorts of genres together, so if you’re looking for a little bit of everything, then she’s your girl.

Sounds like: HAIM meets M.I.A.

Best enjoyed: During a good hook up sesh


3. Rozes

If you’re a fan of the DJ Duo The Chainsmokers, you might recognize her voice from the track “Roses,” which was named after her. While this track is upbeat, her original songs are slower and more acoustic sounding — perfect for winding down and chilling out. Rozes’ music is often remixed and featured by Electronic DJs, so you’ll also find some tracks that you can dance to.

Sounds like: Ellie Goulding

Best enjoyed: Chillin in bed or showering


4. Elle King

Elle King is a badass country-esque alternative singer. Her song “Ex’s and Oh’s” is already on the top charts, but I’d highly recommend exploring more of her less popular music. She did a live cover of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” and it’s genius. She’s one of those artists that can take any song, turn it into her own and do it well. Also, her dad is Rob Schneider so she must be cool as hell.

Sounds like: Meghan Trainor meets Amy Winehouse with a touch of Joan Jett

Best enjoyed: Rocking out in the car


5. CL

CL’s social media status has blown up ahead of her music career. She’s been on the cover of Paper Magazine with Jeremy Scott, casually hanging out with Karl Lagerfield and backstage with Diplo and Skrillex. It seems like CL came out of nowhere, but she’s actually a huge popstar turned MC in Korea. Only recently has she been putting out music in English. By no means is she a great rapper, but she’s got that IDGAF attitude that could make any words that come out of her mouth sound catchy. Her track “Doctor Pepper” was produced by Diplo and features none other than Riff Raff.

Sounds like: Kreayshawn

Best enjoyed: Getting turnt

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