5 Timeless Jewelry Trends Everyone Will Be Accessorizing With In 2017

When it comes to jewelry trends, it’s easy to figure out what the next year will bring: you just need to watch the catwalks of New York, London, Paris and Milan to see what the models have on, then water down the high-fashion elements to make them wearable in your everyday, catwalk-free life.

Easy, right?

Okay, so that might be a bit of an overstatement. Fortunately, other fashion experts — and fashion aficionados, too — have figured out how to transform runway trends into something that’s wearable and perhaps even classic. Here are five examples of trends that are in, yet feel timeless.


1. Cuffs

As you can see, the cuff went to the extreme on this year’s runways. But your at-home interpretation doesn’t have to be quite so bold. A simple, chunky bracelet could do the trick, but you might also want to stray from your classic staples this spring and summer. If so, go for something a bit more geometric and out of the ordinary. The materials can be bright and bold, too!


2. Statement Earrings

The statement earring has been in and out of style since the 1970s when extra-large hoops dangled from lobes and peeked out from behind feathered hairdos. Today, the same hoops are just as much in style — perhaps you can borrow a pair from your mom’s jewelry box.

Of course, not all statement earrings come in this classic, circular shape. You’ll find bejeweled ones, geometric ones, ones made of natural materials, like leather or feathers. Find a pair that matches your style and try ‘em on. For added emphasis, sweep your hair back and show them off!


3. Chokers

It seems like yesterday the choker fell out of style and, yet, here we are again with the tight-fitting necklaces at the apex of style. It just goes to show that all jewelry trends are cyclical, and everything on this list is likely to make an appearance, disappearance and re-appearance at some point down the line.

Anyway, the choker is a subtle way to show off sleek collarbones, especially in those off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder tops that have become all the rage. You’ll find a variety of styles, but, in the interest of remaining as classic as possible, a simple black ribbon-style choker will go with so much of your wardrobe. Start with the tops that show off your décolletage and then try some celebrity stylings of chokers and voila: you’re now an expert.


4. Diverse Diamonds

Obviously, diamonds never go out of style. Just look at any one of your friends’ engagement photos and you’ll likely see a pristine rock sparkling somewhere in every frame.

Now, in the interest of timelessness, you might want to pick up a pair of classic diamond earrings or a pristine tennis bracelet with small diamonds sparkling all the way down. However, many jewelry shops have seen a growing demand for colored diamonds in recent months and years. Pink, yellow and even brown stones have become more and more popular, but are still timeless in the fact that they’re, of course, diamonds.


5. Pearls

The only thing that rivals a diamond in terms of timelessness is the pearl. You can probably picture everyone from First Ladies to family members to childhood friends rocking a string of pearls. And, while the demure look might feel a bit stuffy there are so many ways to modernize pearls for today’s fashion scene — that’s why they’ve stood the test of time.

Now, Try It On

Everyone loves a good excuse to wear jewelry, but the above five accessories are even better: they give you an excuse to wear jewelry for years and years to come. That’s because they’re equal parts trendy and timeless and they’re perfect for getting you 2017 and beyond.

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