5 Summer Sandals You Need ASAP

Jessica Garland-Blake
Jessica is currently a student at London College of Fashion on the Fashion Contour course. Having previously studied pattern making in Dublin, where she is originally from. She started a blog called ihavethisthingfor.com after receiving a lot of attention on her Instagram. This year she is interning and focusing on her blog.

It’s that time of year again when you need to whip out the pumice stone and plasters. I always seem to have to break in some new sandals, and my poor little pinkie toe always takes the brunt. I usually stick to black as ‘it goes with everything,’ but this year, I am going to add some colour into the mix.




1. I saw this pair of sliders from United Nude back in April and just knew I had to have them. Firstly, I think United Nude is an amazing brand. Their styles are fresh, creative, and I have even received compliments from strangers on the street when wearing them, which never happens in London! I thought they would be awful to break in, just look at the piece around the foot. I mean come on, it’s plastic…yet fantastic. (come on Barbie, lets go party.) Welp. I was right, they felt like hell. But now that I’ve broken these bad boys in, they are molded to my foot and so very comfortable.




2. Gladiator sandals and I have a tricky relationship. I love the tall look, but they   hate my calves. Any time I try a pair on, I struggle to get them to zip up the back. So, these guys from Topshop will be my mini gladiator sandals for the summer.


3. When I saw these, I first thought “Oh nice, Isabel Marant’s,” and then I remembered I wasn’t in Selfridges… I was in Zara. These, my friends, are the affordable version of designer slides. I just love the cushiony look. They go with everything and I recently spotted them on Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, so I know I’m onto something here.




4. Fringe is everywhere this summer – on skirts, jackets and shoes. These bright orange heels are Louboutin, which makes them ideal for your closet, but not exactly for your wallet. Can you imagine the swishy movement of these shoes when you walk? I know how much these cost, so unfortunately they won’t be in my wardrobe this summer, but a girl can dream! And hopefully this acts as some style inspo.




5. Colour-blocked sandals are a great way to spice up an outfit. Personally I think these with an all white dress would be gorgeous, but they can even be paired with denim. These sandals are Fendi and fabulous.


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