5 Siblings Of Famous People Who May Be More Talented Than They Are

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We’re all well aware of the overtly famous relatives: The Jacksons, The Jonas brothers, The Braxtons, etc., though nobody ever thinks about the ones who didn’t make it big. Thanks to the internet, we were able to find celebrity siblings who should probably be known as more than just “celebrity siblings.” As hard as fame is to earn, these are a few talented individuals we think it should have been bestowed upon.


Frankie James Grande

Ariana Grande is known for her big voice and bigger high ponytail. However, who knew she had a fabulous older brother? The YouTube personality has done some reality TV via Big Brother, but other than that he’s pretty low key. The two share a parent and the same eyes, and he’s uber talented in multiple avenues. He’s been on Broadway playing in both “Mama Mia!” and “Rock of Ages,” showing he ranges from trashy TV, to classic stage shows. On top of all this, he’s produced Broadway productions and been the star of a one-man show. His voice knows no boundaries, and neither do his other various talents.


Louise Adams Flood

As a die-hard Spice Girls fan, I was elated to hear about the success of Victoria Beckham’s sister. Being the wannabe-fashionista that I am, I’ve followed Posh Spice since her tragic departure from the girl group. She’s made a name for herself in the fashion world, but I’m sure her not-so-humble beginnings gave her a slight boost. On the other hand, her sister Louise has made a completely different name for herself in the other hemisphere. As the owner of a successful clothing boutique, she proudly boasts about her rural-based store that couldn’t be more different than her sister Victoria’s.


Lynda Lopez

Everybody knows Jenny From the Block is a Bronx girl at heart, but her sister has remained a true BX chick through and through. As a talented journalist, she’s done a few stints on Vh1, Entertainment Tonight, and Style Network, but she always makes it a point to stay true to her New York roots by anchoring on various news shows across the state. Jennifer’s younger sister remains just as youthful and beautiful as her big sis, and easily just as talented.


Jerome Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel, of Simon and Garfunkel fame, happens to be a brother to pure genius. Actually, we should take this time to thank Jerome for saving us all from that massive Y2K scare. As one of the world’s smartest individuals, we went to him for a solution in one of the biggest technological scares the country has ever seen. He’s more than just your average IT guy; with a resume Steve Jobs would be envious of, he’s managed to be on board with some of the most illustrious and prestigious technical teams the world has ever seen.


Trace Cyrus

With a father as talented as Billy Ray, it’s no surprise he has multiple children with superstar potential. Miley Cyrus has made a name for herself, definitely stepping out of the shadow of her father. Her brother, Trace, was the lead guitarist of Metro Station and also managed to create his own fame. Still, it is adorable that in both children’s music, you can hear traces of their father’s influence.

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