5 Rewarding And Little-Known Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Stevi Incremona
Stevi graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. When she's not auditioning and running around New York, she's escaping to her original home at the Jersey Shore and most definitely lying on a beach somewhere equidistant between the ocean and tiki bar. She's a coffee snob, craft beer enthusiast, technology nerd, and obviously (most importantly) has a very real addiction to buying and trying affordable beauty products.

Listen, I’ve already been open and honest with all of you about my beautiful, committed relationship with coconut oil, but I haven’t been as forthcoming about my infatuation with apple cider vinegar. Dear ACV, you make me feel like natural woman.

If you haven’t already, get your hands on a bottle of Bragg’s Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and try these unexpected uses for the natural remedy.


A Remedy For A Cold

I swear by this stuff when it comes to the change-in-season inevitable cold/angry sinus situation. This stuff is bomb at breaking down mucus (gross) that settles in your throat and getting it out of there.

To use it to its full effect, take a swig of the cider, gargle for as long as you can take it, and then spit. You don’t want to swallow the grossness. For a bonus (and if you can handle it) take a fresh swig of ACV after gargling and actually swallow it. You’ll feel a slight burn, which is almost satisfying because you know the crap on your vocal chords is getting broken down.

Have Soft And Shiny Strands

ACV also has some big benefits when used as a topical treatment. Do you notice that after a little while your shampoo seems to stop working? Sure, it suds up and leaves your hair feeling a bit refreshed, but you might also notice some build up on the strands even though you’re cleaning them regularly. Using apple cider vinegar once a week before washing your hair will totally transform your strands. It’ll break down any build up caused by shampoo and allow the product to penetrate your hair in the way it was meant to.

Use it in the shower, leave it in while you shave your legs, and rinse it out before carrying on with your routine. 

Cleaner Makeup Brushes

That Beauty Blender Solid cleaner is a godsend, but it’s definitely pricey and definitely not multi-purpose. Opt instead for a blend of apple cider vinegar diluted with water and some fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. The natural anti-bacterial properties of ACV will break down the germs and build up, while the lemon will leave your brushes smelling fresh and fabulous. 

Clear Skin

I’ve talked endlessly about my love for witch hazel as a natural toner, but when my skin is especially troublesome, I bring in apple cider vinegar as a supplement. It’s much more acidic, but it manages to never dry out my skin.

I dab a cotton bud in equal parts ACV and water and wipe all across my face. It picks up any makeup residue I’ve left behind, fights clogged pores and acne-causing bacteria, and helps me balance my natural oils.

Bonus: use undiluted apple cider vinegar as a spot treatment on any blemishes that are taking up prime real estate on your pretty face.

Get Rid Of Some Stanky Ass Breath

As I’ve mentioned, apple cider vinegar is pretty acidic and does have some bacteria fighting properties. So, surprisingly enough, it can actually be used as a way of fighting bad breath. If you mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda, it’ll create a paste you can brush onto your teeth and tongue to eliminate some yuck. Afterwards, brush with your normal toothpaste and you’re good to go!