5 People Confess Their Most Awkward Run-Ins With One-Night Stands

Lindsey Washington
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Getting to the subway and realizing you’ve lost your Metrocard, tucking your dress into your tights, forgetting to fill in one eyebrow, and running into a former fling are some of the worst feelings in the world. In such a large city you’d think that this doesn’t happens, but, in fact, you’re wrong.

I questioned my friends and found some of their best stories with these awkward run-ins.

*All names and situations have been slightly altered to protect the identities of these poor souls.*

“Soo, I had a one night stand with this guy who I had met through other friends. During that evening he said he loved me (so weird). It turns out he was friends with this other guy I had also…you know bumped… so I went to this [other] party and saw them together and they are best, best friends. So, I just pretended I really didn’t know him to avoid any awkwardness. Long story short: A party I went to had two guys I f*cked.” – Nene, 27, Brooklyn, NY

“Last month I hooked up with a hot guy at a company holiday party after-party. Turns out he has a very serious girlfriend (I had asked him if he was seeing someone, so had my friends, he repeatedly said no). He works for a different brand in different building so afterwards I was like, ‘Well, good I won’t have to see him again.’ Except the next day I saw him in my building. Literally hid in lobby until a friend confirmed he was far away. Then saw him out at a bar. And then saw him upstairs on a different floor and I literally ran away and hid in someone’s office.” – Anonymous, 27, New Jersey

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“I ran into my ex-boyfriend in a bar a year after we broke up. He told me he loved me and in response I told him, ‘Don’t ever say that again.’ A year later we started dating again and have no recollection of this conversation, I completely blacked it out.” – Anonymous, 25, New York

“This is a story one of my friends told me. He met this girl at a bar that he had gone to school with and was bringing her back to his apartment. She suddenly made up an excuse about needing to go pick up her friend who was in trouble but would come back to his apartment after. He got her an Uber so she could leave, and decided to check it since there is a map where you can track the location. It turns out she went not back to her apartment to get her friend, but rather out to a club in the meatpacking district. A week later they ran into each again, she went to go use the bathroom and never came back.” – Lacey, 25, New York

“I hooked up with this guy a little bit in college. He was super attractive but dumb as bricks. After I graduated, I never saw or heard from him again. Four years later, I’m out with some friends on a rooftop and there he is. We chatted all night and he ended up professing his love for me to one of my friends. At the end of the night we went our separate ways and despite the 20 minutes love profession I STILL NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN.” – Lizzy, 26, Washington, DC

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