5 Of The Hottest Styles To Expect This New Years Eve And Where To Buy Them

It’s safe to say that 2016 was pretty hard on all of us. At least for me personally, it seemed like everywhere I turned the hits just kept coming. But thankfully, this trainwreck of a year is almost over and we can look forward to starting again on a clean slate in just a couple of weeks. But before you bid farewell to what has been an emotionally draining year, make sure you’re doing it as stylishly as possible. If you’re still clueless about what you might want to wear on one of the biggest nights of the year, look no further because we’ve got you covered.


1. Anything velvet

It’s been a good year for velvet, with this timeless classic making it’s way back into the closets of fashion girls everywhere. We’ve seen it worn on catwalks, in stores, and photographed in virtually every magazine you pick up. Velvet was the MVP this year, so it’s only appropriate that you end this year wearing it.

We love this gold plunge neck velvet dress from Pretty Little Things:


2. Chokers

Another trending piece this year was the choker. It evolved from the classic 90’s barbed wire look that you might still find at your local Claire’s and was reinvented to take on a more contemporary look. Whether it’s made of leather, has charms, or even several layers, a choker is perfect for wearing with an updo and plunged top or dress.

Our pick comes from Zara and comes in a set of two:



3. Lace

A lace dress can be elegant or sexy, it’s all about what you make of it. Look for a dress that is sheer in all the right places — the peek of skin is subtle, yet flirty and will have you feeling confident all night long!

We love this off the shoulder lace cocktail dress from Bardot:


4. Sparkles/Metallics

What better way to stand out in the crowd than by shining just as bright as the New Year’s Eve ball that drops in Times Square? A sparkly or metallic piece will have you glowing from a mile away.

We’re obsessed with this haltered cowl top from Free People:



5. Thigh high boots 

If you’ve been eyeing that same mini dress every time you go window shopping but are having a hard time convincing yourself to get it because the length worries you, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: thigh high boots.

We’re drooling over these (surprise, surprise) velvet thigh high boots from Macy’s.


Regardless of what you choose to wear to ring in the New Year, the important thing is that you’re feeling confident and ready to take on whatever 2017 may bring. And don’t forget the sparklers!

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