5 Of The Best Button-Pushing Moments: Above & Beyond

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Above & Beyond has created this legacy of “pushing the button” at shows. What does it mean? Well, literally you get to go up on stage and push the button that drops the music for that song. You also get to hug and dance with group members Jono, Tony and Paavo. There’s usually a long build up until that moment and the entire crowd is waiting and watching to see who gets picked. Usually, it’s the people in the front row with signs that get to do the honor. Other times, it’s been special guests.

If you’re a die hard Above & Beyond fan, you’ve dreamed of pushing the button.

This weekend the Anjuna Beats tour is stopping at the Brooklyn Hangar featuring performances by Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, Myon & Shane 54, Seven Lions and more. We’ve put together five of the best “push the button” moments to get all the feelings going for you.


1. ABGT 100 at Madison Square Garden – Blue Sky Action

Above & Beyond played at Madison Square Garden for the first time for their 100th episode of Group Therapy. People from all around the world were watching on the live stream or tuned in on the radio. To “push the button” during this show was to make history with the DJ trio during a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jono, Tony and Paavo are all about making fans’ dreams come true by pushing the button. So obviously, the girl standing front row with the sign “Dreams do Come true, can I please push the button?” is going to get chosen.


2. EDC Las Vegas – Walter White

The most popular “push the button” song is hands down “Sun and Moon.” That’s why when they started playing their song Walter White — no one saw this coming. The music slowed down and Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, appears on stage in full character. Everyone loses it when he screams “Say my name!” My favorite part is how amped Bryan Cranston is once he pushes the button and the beat drops. He’s jumping up and down and the crowd is going nuts.


3. EZOO 2013 – Sun & Moon

Festival button pushing is definitely one of the best kinds. The crowd at Electric Zoo lives for Above & Beyond. Whenever they play there, the crowd is always filled to the very entrance of the festival. That’s why these lucky girls are freaking out. They’re on stage waiting for the sweet spot of “Sun and Moon” before they run up to meet Tony, Paavo and Jono and press the button. Looking down on the entire crowd must have been the biggest rush.


4. Wembley Arena – Sun & Moon

Jono called his sister’s daughter Holli up to the stage for a very special push the button moment. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire arena. Above & Beyond is all about family, whether it’s their own blood or their extended family — their fans. When the little girl got on stage, everyone was so incredibly happy. No one even cared that this meant they couldn’t push the button because they knew how much it meant to Jono and the rest of the crew. Also, a little girl pushing the button is so emotional.


5. 2014 NYE Countdown – Sydney, Australia

Imagine ringing in the New Year by “pushing the button” at midnight. That’s every Above & Beyond fan’s dream. It’s the pinnacle of button pushing. Not only did these two girls get to do it, but they are also twin sisters. It’s a moment they’ll be telling to their grandchildren. This will make you want to change your New Year’s resolution to getting on stage to “push the button.”

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