6 Obligatory Movie Marathons To Binge On Over Thanksgiving Break

Lizzie Maassen
Lizzie Maassen has trouble writing quick bios. She doesn't, however, have trouble eating a whole pizza in one sitting.

Thanksgiving is a time for the young adult to stroll into their parent’s house and do nothing. See SNL skit “Back Home Baller” for more info on how to do Thanksgiving break right. Then binge watch all these movies over Thanksgiving break:

1. Star Wars

This one cannot be overlooked. Whether you watch movies four through six, one through three or all of them in one very long sitting, the most important movie of the year is coming out on December 18. That’s right, Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to theatres in less than a month!! Bonus: Harrison Ford is in the movie. I might cry.



2. Lord of the Rings

Okay honestly, what don’t these movies have? Action, hot men riding horseback, hot male friendships that you wish were homosexual relationships (but also you’re confused because like Aragorn are we engaged yet??), also an excellent soundtrack, character development…lots of things essentially. These movies lend themselves well to the bored young adult at home. Especially if you splurge and go for the extended edition of each movie. If you watch all three of them consecutively it would put you at 11 hours and 20 minutes of movie watching time. And that’s not including The Hobbit trilogy…


3. Bridget Jones’s Diary 

First of all, if you’ve never seen these movies, prepare for your life to change. If you’re a “Gilmore Girls” or “Pride and Prejudice” fan, these movies are perfect for you. With a fast-paced, witty dialogue and some of the hottest male actors to ever grace the screen, I really don’t know how these movies can do you wrong. Okay, I know the second movie gets a bad rep, but…it’s unclear why. HUGH GRANT AND COLIN FIRTH ARE STILL IN THE MOVIE PEOPLE.


4. The Ocean’s Trilogy

Excuse me, but these movies may be THE PERFECT films to watch over Thanksgiving break. I firmly believe that they are undeniable…like no person can see that they’re on and not watch them. This totally works in your favor as you may be that slightly bored young adult at all of the family parties this week. It then becomes totally acceptable that you’re watching DVDs when everyone notices it’s Ocean’s 11 that’s on. These movies are hilarious, brilliant and again…wow so many men. Are you noticing a pattern with these movie marathons?


5. Indiana Jones

This is for all the Harrison Ford fans prepping to see the GILF appear in the latest “Star Wars.” Plus, these movies are beautiful in all their cliché and loveableness. It’s fun for the whole fam!
Bonus: watch the fourth one to remember a time when you didn’t hate Shia LaBeouf.


6. Combine: Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve movies

You can never actually watch “Valentine’s Day” or “New Year’s Eve” too close to the actual holidays because that gets way too real. So Thanksgiving is a perfect time to watch these films together and get all your feelings out just before the holidays really hit. Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire you to find your one true love and hit up all the townie bars. And truly, what better way to spend your Thanksgiving break.

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