5 Literary-Inspired Gifts The Bookworm In Your Life Will Love

Audrey Morgan
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If you have any book lover friends, you know that their love of reading is more like a lifestyle than a pastime. Their nightstand and bookshelves are most likely filled with books, they never fail to have a recommendation when you need a good read for your family vacation, and they’ve probably invited you to join their book club about a thousand times.

You know their love of reading is the perfect influence for a great gift, but they don’t need another book. So if you’re struggling to find your bookworm friend the perfect gift, here’s a list of some adorable book inspired gifts.


1. A Book Inspired Throw Pillow 

You know your friend’s shelves are already filled with every book imaginable, so why not start on their couch? This Old Books Throw Pillow is the perfect way to say, “I love you, nerd.” We all love getting something fluffy and comfy as a gift, and this idea also makes the perfect reading buddy.



2. Edgar Allan Poe Phone Case

Most book lovers have great respect for the master of the short story, Edgar Allan Poe, especially if they’re a little cynical. So this Poe-ka Dots phone case is the perfect way to let them take one of the classics with them, even if they’re not reading. As with most 21st century people, your phone case is another route of self expression. This case is sure to let your friend express their love for the literary.



3. Literary Cocktail Book

Book club just got a little more interesting! This cocktail book includes 65 drink recipes paired with literary commentary. It also features bar bites and drinking games. This is probably one of the most fun gifts you could give your literary-obsessed friend, since it’s something you can use together. Seriously, after all that reading they could probably use a drink!



4. Fun Book Ends 

After spending a few minutes in any book lovers home, you know they have too many books and not enough space. Instead of adding to your friend’s already extensive collection, help them organize it in style. These bookends are too cute and make a great addition to their literary decor. Plus they’ll think of you every time they reach for a new read!



5. A Library Scented Candle  

Someone who always has their nose in a novel knows they love the smell of a good book. This Charles Dickens Library candle actually smells like a library! Perfect for when your friend cuddles up with a book and wants to feel like they’re in one of their favorite places.


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