5 Last-Minute Gifts For Your Homebody Friend Who Loves Their Room

It seems like in just the blink of an eye, the holiday season was upon us. In between planning trips back home to visit friends and family, wrapping up any impending projects at school or work, and somehow managing to fit in time to go shopping for the perfect holiday party outfit, you realized you forgot to buy your friends gits. But before you start to panic, take a deep breathe and try not to freak out because we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve given you some of the best last minute gifts we could come up with that will be perfect for that one friend who spent all of 2016 watching HGTV and remodeling her room three times a month. Happy shopping!


1. Jo Malone candle in Sweet Almond & Macaroon

You can never go wrong with candles! It’s pretty hard to mess up gifting someone a candle because who doesn’t want their room to smell like the inside of a Parisian bakery? I personally don’t think I’ve ever encountered a Jo Malone candle that I didn’t like, but for some reason, this Sweet Almond and Macaroon candle just reminds me of home. While it’s usually always sold out on the Jo Malone website, you can look for it at any Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s nearby.

jo malone candle


2. Anthropologie Fireside Faux-Fur Throw

Here in New York, the temperature has been dropping faster than you can say “Happy Holidays,” which is why this incredibly soft faux fur throw from Anthropologie is perfect for keeping warm. It can be thrown on top of your bed, over a chair or couch, virtually anywhere you see fit. It comes in two different colors, so you can choose one based on what will match your friend’s room best. Even if you don’t live in a place that gets cold during the winter, this throw still makes a perfect reading and/or watching TV blanket appropriate for any season.



3. Plant holder

Any interior design enthusiast knows that a plant is usually the best way to brighten up a room. The only problem is, you don’t always have a place to put them. A plant holder is perfect for making your plant it’s very own home in an otherwise crowded space. Whether it be a hanging plant holder or one that stands on it’s own, your friends will thank you. We love this standing plant holder from Wayfair which comes in both a small and large size.



4. Book ends

For the book worm in your life, book ends are a guaranteed hit. A lot of people tend to think they’re unsightly and meant for libraries and classrooms. But this is 2016, and anything is possible. Book ends are now so fashionable that you won’t even be able to tell that that’s what they are. Our favorite ones right now are these concrete L shaped ones that are hollowed out so you can put pens, pencils, or makeup brushes into them to make any desk that much more organized.



5. Polaroid String Lights

String lights are perfect for making any bedroom so much cozier. Whether you’re watching a movie or just need some mood lighting, these are a perfect way to add a soft glow to any room. These string lights are even better because they have clips on them which you can use to clip on Polaroids, artwork, or anything else you can think of!




Ultimately, a person’s bedroom is his or her own personal sanctuary and the one place you can run off to when you want some time alone. Whether your friend is a home improvement expert or just starting out, these gifts are a sure way to let them know you appreciate them, and they’ll have no idea they were last minute gifts! (Don’t worry we won’t tell.)