5 Fictional TV and Movie Characters All 20somethings Can Relate To

Becca Van Sambeck
Becca is a recent Fordham grad, a former German beer hall girl, and a new Brooklyn resident who used to read the dictionary for fun as a kid. She has only gotten slightly less lame since then. She loves pugs, chicken fingers, reading and Game of Thrones.

There’s plenty of media out there aimed at 20somethings, and some of those fictional characters provide just as good advice and insight as our own friends. Whether they’re making us crack up about the inane situations of being a 20something or providing thoughtful lessons about dealing with love and friendship as you grow up, these famed fictional characters have earned a spot in our heart.

1. The Friends Cast

There’s hardly a more iconic group of fictional 20somethings than the Friends gang, and this has to do directly with the fact that they seem like a group of people you’d like to, well, be friends with. Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross and Monica are funny, relatable, and likable as they navigate early adulthood, with plenty of difficult decisions about jobs, dating, marriages, apartments, and kids to contend with. Being a 20some is a transitional period–and the Friends gang seem like the perfect group for venting, advice, and laughs during these struggles. Special shout out to Chandler, who any Friends fan knows, is the best character created, period.


2. Shoshanna from Girls

Girls is a show about 20somethings that attracts strong feelings on both ends of the spectrum, thanks to a cast of pretty unlikable and yet sadly realistic characters (aka the opposite of the Friends formula). Although Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna, and Marnie (ugh ESPECIALLY Marnie) can be all sorts of self-absorbed awful, Shoshanna has become a fan favorite. With her constant truth bombs, overly bubbly demeanor, and tendency of speaking faster than a Gilmore girl on crack, Shoshanna is always good for some comic relief in a show that can get a little too mired in schadenfreude and self-loathing at times. Watch the episode in season one where the always hyped up Shoshanna accidentally does cocaine and tell me you don’t love this girl.


3. Abbi and Ilana from Broad City

Broad City has plenty of superficial qualities in common with Girls, between its Brooklyn setting and its focus on the friendship between 20some women. However, Broad City features a female duo you absolutely are dying to be friends with as opposed to backing far, far away. Abbi and Ilana will have you crying laughing as you watch them botch both the small issues (finding a cheap air conditioner during the oppressive heat of NYC summers and trying to scrap up enough money for Lil’ Wayne concert) and the big (like what to do if the guy you like asks you to peg him?!). Their adventures are somewhat surreal, yet packed with plenty of moments every 20something can identify with. Their friendship is also one we aspire to have in our lives. As Ilana would say, yaaaas queen!


4. Harry and Sally from When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is an iconic movie watched by generation after generation, and it still hasn’t lost its poignancy after 25 years. Harry is a quick talker; Sally is a little uptight. We know exactly what will happen as we watch them navigate their powerful friendship (spoiler alert: they fall in love) and yet, it’s endlessly rewatchable thanks to this flawed but lovable pair of “just friends.” Most 20somethings have either been in a similar relationship or have a friend who has, and so When Harry Mets Sally hits a chord with its pitch perfect depiction of the blurred lines in relationships.


5. Blair Wardolf from Gossip Girl

We met Blair when she was just a high schooler, but we’ve watched her grow over the years from an Upper East Side high school princess into an unstoppable queen bee. Gossip Girl was a TV show that frequently went off the rails, but one thing that was always perfect was Blair Wardolf. With a headband, a condescending quip and a manipulative scheme for every occasion, nobody crossed Blair and got away with it. Somehow, Blair wasn’t a stereotypical bitch, but rather a character who was flawed and insecure, yet still badass and lovable. All hail the Queen!