3 Fashion Essentials To Bridge The Awkward Gap Between Winter And Spring

We all know the struggle of looking up the weather on our phones before we go to bed and thinking to ourselves, “What the hell am I supposed to wear?”

March seems to be the time that we get very confused as to what to wear. I have the issue of dressing for spring, but still am freezing while sitting at my desk, or we want to dress for spring but it’s still a little chilly out.

BUT, I found solutions. Here are three basic pieces that you can flip flop back and forth through the mild temperatures we are experiencing right now in NYC.

1. Short Sleeve Blouse

Honestly, a blouse is a girl’s best friend. During the in-between phase of fashion, I find that the short sleeve blouse works best. It covers your shoulders for the workplace, and is appropriate for a walk outside to grab a coffee or get lunch with a co-worker. At the same time, it looks cute with a pair of work pants or even a pair of jeans if you want to grab dinner after with a friend.

To make it casual and cute, try a denim style paired with black jeans and cute flats! Mix it up with a patterned one if you live in your black jeans like I do to add some color to the almost spring season.

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.45.53 PM

2. Joggers

Nothing screams comfort like a pair of joggers. They can be worn on any occasion. There are just so many options when it comes to a pair of joggers. That is why they are so interchangeable within seasons and a great buy.

Screen shot 2016-03-09 at 9.24.09 PM

Dress them up or dress them down. Wear them in warm weather, or wear them when it’s snowing. Pair some with a cute tank blouse and bring a sweater to keep at work if you get cold at your desk. Or if it is a little colder out, wear a pair of joggers with a thin long sleeve shirt, a blazer and a scarf. To go out on the weekend with your girlfriends, pair these pants with a cute tube top. Honestly, joggers are my all time fave fashion statement because they are so comfy, stylish and can be worn in so many different environments. Don’t get me started of the shoes you can wear with these. Flats, sandals, booties or combat boots.


3. Flats

There is no question that flats never go out of style or out of season. There are so many different styles of flats you can try out. This season, when it is a little confusing outside, flats are the best. Boots are too heavy, and sandals are out of the question. Flats win.

Screen shot 2016-03-09 at 9.49.03 PM

I am a fan of the Tory Burch flat or recent trend, the “wrap-up” flat. There are SOOO many designers and styles out there that it is a little overwhelming — not to mention that they come in absolutely every color. I recommend having a pair of black flats always, and then mix and match, as I do since I wear mostly nude-toned clothing wise. Flats bring a pop of color into your wardrobe, and when the in-between weather comes along, the pop of spring you can add to your outfit are your flats.

In between style doesn’t have to be so complicated anymore! And look at that, a full outfit above with three simple pieces.

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