5 Bad Christmas Movies You Can Certainly Skip This Holiday Season

Lizzie Maassen
Lizzie Maassen has trouble writing quick bios. She doesn't, however, have trouble eating a whole pizza in one sitting.

Every holiday season, people get so stoked about all the Christmas movies they shamelessly marathon over and over again. That’s all fine and dandy until someone forces you to watch “Holiday in Handcuffs,” and that’s not the only bad one out there in the movie-verse. Cheers to the WORST Christmas movies ever made:

Holiday in Handcuffs

You know, we give ABC Family a lot of credit for 25 Days of Christmas. I’m not trying to deny that this block of programming is sensational, but with it brings some extremely questionable films. The worst one of all is without a doubt, “Holiday in Handcuffs.”

Just watch the trailer to understand my pain…

Deck the Halls

Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick? No thanks. This movie tries so hard to be funny that I actually get second-hand embarrassment for the people who signed onto this project.

It’s a Wonderful Life

I understand this is not what you’re expecting. Hear me out. This is a sincerely depressing movie…and really creepy tbh. I know there’s a happy ending, but it’s not worth it. For the most part, you spend 2 hours and 15 minutes being sad and hating your life. Also, why is this movie so important to people that movie theaters nationwide have special screenings of it in December? GO WATCH IT AT HOME, PEOPLE, I KNOW Y’ALL HAVE THE DVD.


ABC Family strikes again. It’s like, where do you get off thinking Christina Milan placed in a snowglobe makes for a viable Christmas story? This movie is 100 percent cringe-worthy and 1000 percent a waste of your time.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

I still refuse to believe this exists. I’m warning you that you should only watch (movie and trailer) if you truly hate yourself.