5 Up And Coming Artists You Need To Know

Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy has been involved in the music biz for nearly 10 years in a variety of capacities. From a young age taught himself how to play a multitude of instruments and believes music to be an extremely important part of culture. Moving into the future Sean began to write and blog more frequently about his opinions on the industry as well as consistently curate playlists. Professionally Sean has had marketing internships with Superfly Presents, RED Distribution, and Meridian Entertainment Group. All of these opportunities have helped him to expand his knowledge and understanding of the music industry and have helped him to have a more informed opinion on the topics to which he writes. Sean continues to create music in his free time and has recently been collaborating with a number of artists around Michigan, where he is from. He also loves to see live shows and go out with friends. Check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, or Tumblr. https://soundcloud.com/melodicdissonance http://melodicdissonanceposts.tumblr.com

The classic struggle for any music lover: Do you tell your friends about the underground artist you’ve had on repeat lately, or do you play it like an authentic hipster by keeping it to yourself?

I typically make the decision to share, for two reasons. For one, listening to music by yourself all the time really isn’t that fun, and two, being the one to set the trend allows you to say “I told you so” when the artist blows up. So without further adieu, here are 5 artists you should be watching out for right now.


Lund is a true master at finding the balance between chill R&B harmonies and great upbeat percussion. I’ve been following him for about a year now and watching him grow as both a singer and producer and it’s been one incredible journey. The variety of styles he tries has also been something that’s left me awestruck following his trajectory. He’s fearless and we need more artists like that. He’s had great coverage from the likes of DJ Booth and Pigeons & Planes recently and is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Sounds Like: A little of The Weeknd mixed with a bit of Future and some Ryan Hemsworth.

Best Enjoyed: In your bedroom chilling or on your subway commute.



From the label/publisher/management team that has brought you Flume and Ta-Ku, I present you Basenji. One of their newer artists, Basenji has been releasing some great new tracks and gaining some serious traction. Listen to some of his best offerings and dance along to the beautiful pop laden melodies.

Sounds Like: Flume mixed with Cashmere Cat and a bit of Martin Garrix

Best Enjoyed: Pregaming or riding around in the car.


Olivver the Kid

Olivver the Kid is one of those artist that I wish I knew about even earlier than I did. He is the type of artist that you hear and know is going to do well in whatever realm he chooses to pursue. The melodies he makes are undeniably catchy but there’s something more than that to him. The lyrics in his songs and the dialogue offered on his social media shows depth. I dare you to listen to “BBBlue” below and not get the feels. He’s got something undeniable and special.



According to Oshi’s SoundCloud profile, his name is Joshua, and he is a 17-year-old from London. If so, he is the coolest f*cking 17-year-old I know. He is the cofounder of Noir Sound and has been putting music out under the moniker for quite a few years. As of very recently he has been putting out more original content, but a lot of his past catalog includes great remixes and edits of well-known hits.

Sounds Like: Yeezus mixed with a hint of Young Thug and Migos

Best Enjoyed: Getting ready for a night out with the homies.


demo taped

Here we have another 17-year-old,  but this one’s from Atlanta. Adam Alexander aka demo taped offers twisted synths with great vibes for dancing or a chill pregame.

Sounds Like: Jai Paul mixed with a bit of FKA Twigs and Nosaj Thing.

Best Enjoyed: Banging in your headphones while you take a walk.