5 All Natural Vitamins and Cold Remedies You Need For Flu Season

Stevi Incremona
Stevi graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. When she's not auditioning and running around New York, she's escaping to her original home at the Jersey Shore and most definitely lying on a beach somewhere equidistant between the ocean and tiki bar. She's a coffee snob, craft beer enthusiast, technology nerd, and obviously (most importantly) has a very real addiction to buying and trying affordable beauty products.

Though this is an inarguably gorgeous time of the year, the only thing consistent about the weather is the lack of consistency. The shuffle back and forth between crisp, cool days and higher temperatures leaves your body prone to casual freak-outs. Chances are, you’re going to get sick. After years of carefully crafting it, I’ve developed a system to get rid of that change of season cold and get back to health quick. I’m about to share with you my wellness arsenal. All of these products are homeopathic and available at places like The Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods. They’re formulated less for immediate relief from your common cold symptoms, but instead for faster recovery.


The Wellness Formula 

Like the name suggests, this homeopathic solution is a combination of several vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and herbs that work together to aid your immune system. They recommend that you begin to use the formula at the first signs of any imbalance, aka when you feel the sniffles coming on. During the height of your sickness you’ll want to take three of these horse pills every three hours. They are absolutely stinky and gross looking, but I’ve found the results to be amazing. The best part is that the product is safe to use when you’re perfectly healthy, just in smaller doses. So whenever the seasons change, my stress level is higher, or my schedule is nuts, I introduce these bad boys into my daily routine to keep me healthy – and they do.


Umcka ColdCare

This is another all natural product that claims that its main ingredient, Pelargonium sidoides, works with the body’s immune system to support its own natural defense mechanisms, instead of working against it. You can either take a straight shot of this, or dilute it in another drink of your choice if the taste bothers you. Umcka has been seriously studied and been found to be successful in curing the cold, bronchial irritations and a bunch of other respiratory problems. S’amazing.


Garlic Tablets

Our smelly but tasty friend, garlic, has been known to boost the function of your body’s immune system which would obviously help you fight off colds and even more powerful illnesses like the flu. Its also been known to reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and even maybe make you live longer. While these are all huge claims, the intake of garlic literally has zero downside (except maybe a little bad breath, but get some gum, you crazy person). Pick up a bottle of Source Naturals garlicell tablets and get them into your system.


Oscillococcinum — “ah-sillo-cox-in-um”

Okay, so this pronounced “ah-sillo-cox-in-um.” I promise. This stuff is geared more towards fighting off flu-like symptoms, but again it’s all-natural so its healing properties can be safely put to the test for those aches and pains that sometimes accompany a cold. This is weirdly kind of a fun one to take, too. It comes in a little tube full of these teeny tiny balls that you pour onto your tongue and let dissolve. Maybe that’s not fun to you? Idk, I’ll re-evaluate my life. Either way, the active ingredient, anas babariae 200CK HPUS, has been proven to reduce the duration of flu symptoms like headaches, body aches, fevers, and chills.


Apple Cider Vinegar

In my last article, I spoke at length about the many wonderful and amazing things you can do with apple cider vinegar, including helping you get over a cold. While I recommended gargling and taking shots of the potent miracle worker, that might be a little too intense for some. If you want to take a more casual approach to this apple cider confrontation, make yourself a little cocktail — throw two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into eight ounces of hot water, mix in some honey to taste, a squeeze of lemon, and enjoy in place of your nighttime tea. You’ll get all of the benefits, and it won’t make you gag. Cheers!