4 Ways To Maintain Friendships When You Find Yourself In The Real World

Congratulations, young millennial! You’re a college graduate now, and that means your life just became way easier. You’ll find that you’re equipped to take on all of life’s challenges and that your wallet’s weighed down because it’s lined with gold.

What’s that? A resounding “NO” on all fronts? Weird.

So…you might find yourself feeling lonely after you graduate. As someone who is in her late 20s (GASP, WHO INVITED THE ELDERLY ONE?), I can assure that this is common. You’re no longer in dorms and not as accessible. Priorities shift; life gets in the way. You don’t have to kiss your social life goodbye just because you work a 9 to 5 though!


Set meeting times on your calendars to catch up via your preferred method.

This basically makes friendship a responsibility, therefore making maintaining yours the most adult thing possible.


Chat through social media.

Google Hangout chat, Facebook chat, Snapchat, Skype chat, everything chat if you can’t chat face to face. Social media may be killing us, but it’s a saving grace in LDFs. (“Long distance friendships,” duh.) Take it from me: you can still annoy your best friend from 3,000 miles away through constant, digital contact. Throw in a handwritten note every once in a while. Nothing shows you care quite like paying for postage.


Make exploring a team effort.

Chances are that you’re restless after work these days. Create a group chat dedicated to discussing the new restaurants, bars and hiking trails you want to hit up on the weekends. If you have the means to take weekend trips or longer vacations, open those up to your friends, too — especially if they’re far away and in similar financial positions.


Eventize everything.

Everything that you enjoy (or don’t) can be improved by consuming cheap alcohol and appetizers with loved ones. Sad? Throw a literal pity party! Got dumped? Throw a dumpster fire party with all of his belongings! (Actually, maybe don’t do that.) Cleaning out your closet? Host a makeshift swap meet and make the entry fee a bag of unwanted items. Got a zit? Your living room is now a private spa for you and your best pals! Super into every slightly overrated HBO drama? Guess what—you’re hosting watch parties now, buddy! Open the invite up to friends of friends, and BOOM. Your inner circle just expanded.


Ultimately, the key here is putting in effort. Maintaining any relationship can be difficult, but if you follow these steps, you’ll have full license to belt along when Britney sings, “My loneliness ain’t killing me no more.” Feels good, right?

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