4 Ways To Embrace Your Intuition And Change Your Life

Kari Owens
Kari Owens is a writer, holistic nutrition coach, speaker, and intuitive soul explorer whose perspective on life changed at the age of fifteen after being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Her most recent adventure was a solo road trip to moving from Florida to Seattle, WA. You can find her at her website WholeLifeFullSoul.com which connects people to the roots of whole foods and the depths of their inner most vulnerability.

For years, I didn’t understand what it meant to tap into my intuition. I’d brush off my internal signals as if they didn’t exist and wondered for so long why my internal compass felt off kilter. It wasn’t until I realized that in order to fully embrace my decision-making, I had to come to terms with the power of my intuition. Here are four steps to tap into hearing your own voice:


1. Let go of what you can live without

These things, or sometimes even people, that clutter your space and mind are preventing you from drowning out the unwanted noise and fully listening to your heart’s desires. Identify whatever inhibits you from moving forward and remove it. One of the best books for getting to the bottom of making space for a more in-tune life is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

Kondo specifically speaks to the power of decluttering and how removing things you don’t need profoundly impacts your lifestyle and mindset. Know that you are already aware of what’s best for you. Ignore the “shoulds” that make you feel guilty for not being enough and embrace your inner intelligence that connects divinely to your authentic soul.


2. Own exactly who you are in every moment

By trusting in who you are as an individual, you’re trusting in the fact that you already have the answers to the questions you’re looking for and that your decisions (not anyone else’s) are what are best for you. Only you can know what is true for your path. As millennials, it’s easy to get caught up in what is expected of us – what our parents want, what our friends think we should do, etc. Forget that. What is it that you know to be true of yourself? What are your desires and biggest motivators? Identify these, own them and go after them, trusting that your internal guide is supporting you every step of the way.


3. Stop being so concerned with what other people think

We worry too much about how others will feel, if our choices will make them happy, if what we do will disappoint them, or if we’ll find approval within them. What we’re doing is seeking validation from sources outside of ourselves. I am not saying to completely disregard people’s opinions in the choices you make. What I am saying, however, is that the only validation you need is already inside you and this is your truth. Tapping into your intuition is allowing your internal guide to fully be expressed and not swayed by unwanted influences. By following this, you will feel more confident about your choices.


4. Acknowledge your emotions

Often times we feel stuck in life, our careers, our love lives, and relationships. Much of this stagnation can be the direct result of ignoring our feelings and emotions. I took a job right out college, and in my interview process some red flags presented themselves. I felt uneasy, but I took the job for alternative reasons. I don’t regret what unfolded from staying in that job, albeit for too long, but one thing I learned was to know when my feelings are speaking to me. Trusting your intuition is about relinquishing control and allowing your body to recognize that gut feeling and having full confidence in that feeling.