4 Ways Being In A Band Made Me A Better Man Today

Mark Wolf
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80 percent of every 20something-year-old’s character was shaped by 20 percent of their experiences. Since the dust of our youth doesn’t settle until death, it’s always helpful to shuffle through it and find some ashes of wisdom.

Since we’re social animals, many people find that group activities like school, camp and sports were instrumental in painting their picture of themselves.

But what if there was a fourth group activity that fused the sexual tension, tribe mentality and lessons of the past three minus the humiliation of having your swim coach rip off your cap and push you into the pool by his grip of your long wet locks?

pool fail fail pool push swimming pool

Turn on the combo amps and close the garage door. We’re getting the band back together.

1. Exploration

Band rehearsals had us running around like:

By the tender age of 14 most have barely adventured further than their driveway. Spending time in rehearsal studios, well-furnished basements and garages throughout NYC’s five boroughs not only made me a Colombus-level navigator, but it also gave me some great ideas for my future man cave. Small adventures prompted me to go on bigger adventures.

Next stop: sitting next to Richard Branson on a Virgin Galactic spaceflight.

2. Skills

It can be discouraging when you can barely weasel your fingers around a pentatonic scale and @dannykravs is behind you like:

But hey… if you can’t take the heat, stop wearing your North Face in the sauna. Watching my advanced friends shred up and down the guitar neck gave my incompetent ass some invaluable advice: practice endlessly. And believe me, after hearing girls giggle when they tell you about how Joey showed them your band’s recording, you’re either going to slap up Joey or spend the necessary hours to make sure you don’t sound like a beached whale anymore. Of course I picked the former.

3. Bonding

Most friendships come and go without a second thought, but there’s something special about smashing eBay guitars on the concrete of your block and playing Guns N’ Roses covers standing ass to ass with two of your best friends that creates a life-long brotherhood. It’s probably the whole “let’s just pretend this never happened” unspoken agreement.

If we bleed together, we feed together. Plus we all needed someone to share our latest musical obsessions with.

4. Girls, Girls, Girls

A little bit of early success inspires a lifetime of debauchery. Being in a band doesn’t necessarily get you girls, but we still managed to have girlfriends in middle school, which sat us proudly at the top of the food chain. What’s good Valerie?

This has been an example of how one frivolous activity, being in a band as a kid, shaped some major pillars of my personality. Point being: There’s precedent for everything we both like and dislike about ourselves. When it’s time write a new chapter of your life, make sure people can follow the plot.