4 things you’ll never avoid when traveling the world with your best friend


Traveling with your best friend is a rite of passage. It’s something that all best friends have to do at some point in life. Far away adventures with your bestie will be jam-packed with great memories and anecdotes you’ll refer back to for years to come. Traveling together will awaken a hunger in you to keep visiting and exploring different places. But it will also test your friendship and teach you some valuable life lessons.

Often, we go on trips thinking everything will be absolute perfection while forgetting about all the challenging surprises that will likely occur. In the end, going away with your bestie will always be fun, but it’s important to think about the tough moments you may encounter together, whether it be with the people you meet, or each other. No one can truly be prepared for these, but the experience of going through them will definitely make your friendship stronger.

Non-stop Laughs

You will collect countless inside jokes and make fun of each other, particularly if you’re in close quarters for your entire stay. Things like snoring, middle of the night toots, and the terrible morning look (messed up hair, footsie pajamas and bad breath) you’ll give each other will be the cause for inside jokes that will last a lifetime.

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My best friend and I still talk about the funny stuff that has happened during our trips. Things like the weird hotel concierge guy, the tuna-scented seaweed problem on the beach in Mexico (the beach legit smelled like tuna while we were there), and the numerous times that everyone kept asking her if she spoke Spanish. My best friend is as Korean-American as can be, but with a tan she might be able to pass for J.Lo (apparently). Laughing together creates a wonderful bond, and it also encourages you to continue traveling together.



Your bestie might be a history and anthropology buff or she might be a beach bum, like my best friend. At some point, you will disagree on which activities to partake in. You will argue, have a scream-fest and then forget all about it because one of you acts like an adult and decides to put an end to the madness. Hint: ME!!

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It’s important to keep a balance between the fun/lazy stuff and the cool educational stuff, but in some cases one of you might have to give in. Granted, there shouldn’t really be that many arguments, but one or two is definitely normal. Keep an open mind when traveling together! Learning is just as fun as beach bumming.

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Almost dying

When you’re in a foreign country the chances of you dying aren’t extremely high, but you’ll think they are. You don’t know the culture or the language. You don’t always know what to watch out for, turning every dark alley and stranger you meet into a potential threat. Fear will unite you and your bestie like nothing else ever will.

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Seriously. You will quickly learn to watch out for one another and come up with various plans for what to do if you’re randomly attacked by a savage AF local, kidnapped, or if a handsome fellow traveler secretly stashes 10 kilos of blow into your backpack and you get caught with it and sent to a really messed up Thai prison. Clearly I’ve seen Brokedown Palace more than once.



One of you will get an epic case of Tourista aka Traveler’s Diarrhea. You’ll miserably sit on the toilet all night while the other worries her head off hoping you won’t die.

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One of you will have to run to the gas station at midnight to purchase pepto and imodium. You’ll get through it and by then you will have officially seen each other at your worst. This will do wonders for your friendship. Seriously. Poop will always bring us together.


Vacation love

One of you will fall madly in love with the cute waiter from the restaurant. You’ll constantly go to that restaurant to see him. You’ll get his number and bestie will keep you grounded by reminding you that “we’re leaving tomorrow” and that you have to forget cute guy for your own good.

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Nonetheless, you’ll have your fun and bestie will support you, no matter what happens.