4 refreshing ways to beautify & spruce up your home before winter


The holidays are right around this corner, which means that you have a lot on your mind right now. You’ve got candy to buy and presents to wrap, not to mention a giant Thanksgiving meal to plan and invites to send out. With everything going on, your home is going to get a lot more attention than usual in the next couple months, which might leave you a bit on edge.

Sure, you don’t mind the chair that’s been acting as a stand-in coat hanger for the last few weeks, but it’ll be an eyesore when people start filing through the front door for your next holiday party. So how can you beautify your home before winter sets in?

Don’t spend too much time worrying about making your living space look better. You already have other things to deal with. That’s why you should try these easy and trendy ways to beautify your space. You’ll be left with plenty of time to multitask the other things on your to-do list, leaving nothing a brimming sense of self confidence when you begin to have people over.


Have a fall cleaning

It’s like spring cleaning, but without the pollen. At the start of any season, it’s a good idea to go through your things and tidy up a bit. Do a deep clean of your house by vacuuming, dusting and maybe even decorating. Once you start putting things away where they belong, you’ll find plenty of space to put out seasonal candles or wreaths to create an inviting and friendly space for friends.


Get some fake flowers

Maybe you’re naturally a clean person, so having a fall cleaning day wouldn’t be right for you. Instead, bring the natural beauty of late fall and early winter into your home with fake greenery. Display a vase of orange and red flowers on your kitchen table, or lay a fake-snow covered garland across your fireplace mantle.

The key to using fake greenery to beautify your home is to make it all look as real as possible. First, you should know what you’re looking for by researching what your chosen flowers would look like if they were real. Then get specific and do things like buy real colors and avoid strange details. Your guests will love the nature-infused decorating you’ll do, but not if they’re covered with obviously fake rain droplets or felt bees.


Change up your art

If you can budget out a little more money to spend, try putting new art up on your walls. That’s not to say you should take down personal photographs. Those can help make a place feel like a home. Add to your framed photos by buying some nice art. Whether you get it straight from the artist or on the discount rack at your local thrift store, art will bring class to your home and surround your guests with refined beauty.


Give your house a facelift

For those who are extra dedicated to beautifying their home this winter, think about working on it from the outside in. While interior decorating can help drive the seasons home, it’s easy to forget about taking care of the exterior of your house.

This fall, you should consider updating your roofing. The roofing that was put on your house when it was first built was meant to last a long time, but it won’t last forever. If your house is looking a bit dilapidated, the roof may be why. Look into shingle options for the kind of roof you have. Cedar shingles are a great option to try if you’re thinking about adding a timeless beauty to your home that’s also environmentally sound.

Installing new roofing will have more of a hefty price tag than some other beautifying options, but it’ll make your home appear newer than it actually is and keep your living space open for visitors for much longer than old roofing would.

Making your home look and feel better before winter sets in is a great thing to get done before the holidays start up. You can accomplish this by doing something simple, like cleaning, or go as far as renovating your roof to give your house a few extra years of life. Whatever you decide to do, don’t get lost in making your house look absolutely perfect. Remember that the holidays are all about being with loved ones, and as long as you have them near, you’re going to have a great winter season.