4 Handpicked Styles To Make Summer Your Trendiest Season To Date

It’s about that time of year again when we gleefully swap out our warm winter sweaters for some flowy tanks and high-waisted Levis. If you’re anything like us, you may find yourself stuck in the ever so common reality of being flat broke while fighting off the urge to blow your entire paycheck on new summer must-haves. Because let’s face it, you need those new sandal platforms.

But, the good news is, every girl has the potential to look her best this season without breaking the bank. That is why we put together four of our favorite trendy and affordable looks that are sure to make this your trendiest summer yet (move over Kendall and Gigi).

Metallic Shades

As if we really need to explain why this is our first and foremost favorite on our list of essentials. This bold trend is extremely versatile and can top off a girly sundress or complete your badass look of the week. Some of our favorite colored lenses range from lilac to iridescent blue. Check out some of our Quay sunnies to see five of the coolest glasses in almost every style. They’re your best bet at maintaining that budget of yours. What’s buyer’s remorse?



Graphic Tees

Graphic tees say what we’re all thinking. They’re perfect for telling the world what kind of mood you’re in without verbally abusing your co-workers…kidding. If you feel like inviting strangers to talk to you on the subway, try throwing on our “Come sit with us” T-shirt. We love this tee with distressed denim and a chunky necklace. It is the perfect way to stay effortlessly on fleek. Sorry, we meant trend.




Yes, you’ve heard it here — Abercrombie is back. We found a way to bring back everyone’s old obsession and incorporate it into your wardrobe. This customized and distressed vest is hand made and is a a great way to showcase your original style. If you have any old denim pieces laying around, grab a paintbrush or some bleach and go to town. This project will get you more attuned with your creative side and make your mom super proud of your DIY abilities.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 - Celebrity Sightings Featuring: Shay Mitchell




One of the more functional looks on our list of essentials, throwing on a trendy cap can block out the shade and cover up a bad hair day — need we say more?

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