4 Goals You Should Set In 2017 Based On What 2016 Taught Us All

Gen is a Bay Area native that works as a Talent Development Manager in San Francisco. If you can't find her, she's probably crafting, cooking, taking pictures, or stretching in her studio apartment. She will always take two scoops of ice cream and renown chefs are her celebrity. See more of Gen's extracurriculars at www.GenLau.com

Another year, another 365 opportunities to learn more about yourself. One thing I figured out about myself a long time ago is that when someone asked me what my five-year plan was, I would panic thinking about the confining limitations I thought I was putting on my millennial destiny. But then I kept reading more about how much setting goals helps you accomplish things – what a surprise.

It’s the first step to turning the intangible tangible and an exercise in self-accountability. So I began to find ways to make these so-called “life plans” more digestible: start by going backwards, and if you need to, limit your memory and future plans to a certain amount of time.

For me, I feel the most comfortable with a year. So what did I learn in 2016? And how can I use that to develop goals for 2017?

Learning #1: I’ve accepted that I am meant to be over 170 pounds.

I’m 5’8”, broad, muscular, and have big boobs. Anything less than 170 pounds and people should probably check my mental well-being.

Goal #1: Be more forgiving for this body I was given.

I’ll start by ensuring that I’m healthy and getting rid of the term “skinny” as synonymous with “pretty.”


Learning #2: I’m growing into my career.

The way I see it is that there are two parts to my career path. The first was my younger, scrappy, first or second job where I had little to no savings, any free food was good food, and the internet I bought for my apartment was too slow. This first part was where I built camaraderie commiserating with my coworkers that I was broke and having $20 in my checking account carried a sense of pride. This is the first time since I’ve started working where I was able to travel for work and pleasure and not have to decide between eating food and having internet.

As amazing as that is, there is a learning curve to this – in this transition period you’re leaving that group of scrappy people and are becoming an example for them. It’s a lot of pressure.

Goal #2: Be myself but try to be the best role model I can be.

This isn’t about changing who I am to make sure people admire me. It’s about knowing that thinking before speaking and the ability to be vulnerable is how people actually learn to admire someone. I’ll start with continuing those wins in 2017 and practicing being confident with the advice I give.


Learning #3: I’m fine with, and probably proud of, the fact that it only takes me two beers to get hammered.

Goal #3: Continue down this path of pride. Cheers to my health and a fatter wallet.


Learning #4: I put more value in experiences than material possessions.

This, however, gave me a false sense of financial strength. While I never was counting my change, I felt that because I didn’t spend money on clothes I could travel the world with little limitation.

Goal #4: I will still travel and remember that I do value experiences more than material possessions, but understand the implications of my dollars spent.

Start with ensuring I document my trips so I can remember the value of each life experience and understand how they make me a better person. Thank goodness for Instagram for keeping it easy.


Seeing all my goals written down reminds me of something a really good friend of mine once said. She said that luck is that sweet spot where preparation meets opportunity. That each day is a chance to be more prepared. And that each day is a chance to create more opportunities. So let’s gets lucky, everyone. Happy New Year.