360 Review: Youth Lagoon Brings Stunning Lo-Fi Bedroom Sound To Life

Sean Kennedy
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Youth Lagoon’s music has always thrived off the open space. The gaps between the grand melodies and rhythms create a sort of ambiance and feeling that is rarely captured by other artists.

You’d assume this would be the most difficult thing for Youth Lagoon, aka Trevor Powers, to translate to a live setting. An album is one thing, where the mix can be done over again and again, but a concert is an entirely different — there are no second chances or redos on stage. Savage Hills Ballroom, Power’s latest release, provides the opportunity for him to translate his lo-fi, psychedelic, bedroom artist vision on stage in a digestible and palatable way. With that said, here is the 360 of Youth Lagoon at Webster Hall in NYC.

For the “Who the F**k is Youth Lagoon” Concert Goer

You might not know his name going in, but you surely will coming out. The energy Power’s brings to stage is unexpected from the lo-fi bedroom music that he creates on his albums. The emo, piano-playing boy transforms into a funny, outgoing and captivating performer while on stage. This show will definitely not be one you forget anytime soon, and in going to the show I bet that you just became a fan.

For the “I Know a Few of His Songs” Fan

With an artist like Youth Lagoon, I think this category is probably where a good majority of attendees may fall. That is very appropriate too, as he does not make his music for the masses. It’s not radio friendly, it’s not going to reach everyone. However, with each release and with each tour, Powers reaches more and more people and creates content that is more accessible. It shows in his concert performances, too. He’s been doing this for awhile and he knows how to take the few songs you know, play them, and by the end of the show have you be a fan of a few more. It’s calculated, but it’s beautiful.

For the Diehards

You know the drill. You are the super fans, your passion for the artist can be felt by all those around you. You’ve been to the shows, played the albums over and over again. You know Youth Lagoon. However, I think this show may still shock you…in a positive way. With his artistic growth and as his career moves forward, Powers has found a way to channel his music using more popular methods. His performance shows that. It’s Yeezus meets MGMT with a hint of Beck and it’s f**cking awesome. You will get more than you expect!

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