360 Review: Vince Staples ‘Summertime ’06’ Album

Sean Kennedy
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The 360 review is a tactical analysis conceptualized by 20something contributor Sean Kennedy, designed to better inform the reader of how the track or album will sound to them specifically.

We at 20something understand the variety of musical tastes and sound equipment our readers have, and felt it necessary to offer a review model that takes into consideration the many varying angles.

The 360 concept was then expanded upon by Create editor, Talia Aroshas, to include live events and other musical experiences, and although still in beta mode, we believe it to show much potential. Without further ado, here is The 360.



Vince Staples has been in the music industry for quite some time, but has received minimal press coverage up until the past year or two. The first time I heard Vince, he was skillfully trading verses with Earl Sweatshirt on his 2010 release “epaR,” a viscous lo-fi track with horrifying lyrics that have since become synonymous with Odd Future.

It’s worth noting that Vince has never been an actual “member” of Odd Future, although he has worked with almost everyone from the crew. This, coupled with some personal issues that demanded his full attention, could be why it took him so long to release a debut album, or maybe he was just waiting for the right time.

(He is on this year’s XL Freshman list & put out an EP last year that got great reviews from the critics. He is also featured in the movie “Dope” that just came out in June so things seem to really starting to pop for him.)

Whatever the case may be, we have finally been gifted with Summertime ’06 by Vince Staples. Enjoy!



  • Whether you’re lighting up, having some drinks before you go out, or just hanging out – this album is perfect. What Summertime ‘06 provides is a listening experience that is equally great to focus on as it is as to have as background music.
  • The diversity and versatility of this listening experience makes it especially great for this type of setting — people can listen to the music if they want, and also talk over it without feeling like they’re interrupting.
  • Vince’s voice has a very familiar sound to it, this allows people to feel more at ease while listening. (He truly is almost immediately likable on this album too, just play the lead single “Senorita” for yours friends and watch as they all ask who this is. Trust.

Recommended Songs For Setting: “Norf Norf,” “Lemme Know,”  “Senorita,” “Like It Is,” “Get Paid”



  • It really doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself or if someone is with you, it is undeniable that certain songs on this album feel like they were specifically made for windows-down driving on the highway.
  • Vince avoids upbeat and overly busy production on this album, choosing to stick with a minimal mindset. Most of the production includes contorted synths and guitar riffs, as well as the distorted clamoring of strategically placed kicks, snares, and claps.
  • The only complaint you may have from this particular point of view on the album is that there are more “bangers.” With the album being twenty songs long, at certain points it can feel as if they do not fit this setting – same with the former and the next setting mentioned.
  • With that said, the songs that do hit hard… hit hard! You will not be disappointed on your drive, just maybe a little bored during certain portions of the album… But what else is the skip button there for right?

Recommended Songs for Setting: “Jump Off The Roof,” “Senorita,” “Surf,” “Street Punks,” “Hand N’ Bang”



  • Oh man… this is the champion setting for this album by far! Just trust me that if you make it all the way through the album while walking downtown or commuting, you will be astounded at how good it really is. There are details, lyrics, and elements to the songs that you just can’t catch in other settings.
  • If you don’t get the chance to get through the whole thing at one time, you’ll want to throw the headphones back in as soon as you get the chance to finish it – it’s that good!
  • Like watching Boyz in the Hood or listening to Kendrick’s GKMC, this album offers introspection and analysis into Vince’s life and where he’s from. While delving into his past (i.e. Summertime ’06), Vince offers insight on the present and foresight into the future of what his life is about and where it will take him.

Recommended Songs for Setting: “Lift Me Up”, “Birds & Bees”, “Senorita”, “Might Be Wrong”, “Like It Is”

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