360 Review: Deerhunter’s “Fading Frontier” Reaches New Frontiers

Sean Kennedy
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There’s something ultimately fascinating about the music that Deerhunter creates. Never the same and never “of the times” which it is released, it is one band that I can respectfully say captures the essence of indie. Not far off from greats like Kanye West and Radiohead, Deerhunter uses each release to completely redefine themselves while staying completely true to who they are. That in itself is a talent that very few artists in the this world are able to achieve and it is why each of those three mentioned deserve the recognition the blogosphere gives them. With each release they use new textures, new sounds and new concepts to ultimately convey the same thing, themselves.

Without further adieu, I present you with my 360 review of “Fading Frontier” by Deerhunter.

While dozing off on your subway ride home from work:

  • After a long day of work this album offers the perfect, subtle escape for any indie rock fan on their commute home.
  • Oddly enough even with the heaviness of the album, sonically and lyrically, there is a peacefulness throughout that is undeniable.
  • Drifting off and taking that much needed after-work nap may, and more than likely, will occur. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop!

Recommended songs for setting: “All The Same” and “Breaker”

While chilling with friends:

  • Smoke a bowl or drink a beer, you won’t find much better background music for a chill sesh with the crew.
  • The great thing about music like this is its ability to be listened to in so many different perspectives and so many ways.
  • You can chat, vid or even have a chill pregame with ease.

Recommended songs for setting: “Living My Life” and “Take Care”

While really posting up with the album and taking it all in:

  • This perspective of the 360 really defines the album and more importantly the band.
  • As with any great art, in order to really appreciate the content, you have to sit with it and really take it in.
  • Take in the sounds, the melodies, the lyrics and even the little nuances.
  • People like Bradford Cox (the lead singer) don’t spend endless hours on their music for it to be an easy or quick listen. It’s not pop music and it’s not meant to be.
  • So take a second, give it a real chance and “Fading Frontier” may just turn into one of your favorite albums. The verdict is still out for me but I’m definitely willing to take the time to see.

Recommended songs for setting: “Breaker,” “Take Care,” “Snakeskin” and “Leather and Wood”

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