360 Review: A Trak Gold Gone Wild II Tour

Jon Constante
Jon is a retired fratstar/aspiring adult. He enjoys cold beers, good company and good music. One day, Jon hopes to start his own record label and break the guinness world record of most mashed potatoes eaten in 30 seconds.

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We took a trip up to Boston to catch the opening night of A Trak’s 2nd annual Gold Gone Wild Tour. Here was our experience.

To the uninitiated, A Trak may very well be just another name on a long list of electronic music DJ acts at some music festival a friend finally convinced them to attend. That was the case for me back in 2013, when I decided to buy a one-day pass to New York City’s Electric Zoo. As my group met up to go see Tiesto, I decided to go look for a friend who had gone missing for the entire day (rookie mistake, I know).

Upon doing so, I stumbled upon a tent called the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse. I heard the DJ drop something I hadn’t heard the entire day at that festival – “On Sight” by Kanye West. I thought to myself “hmm, this is different,” and decided to stay for a bit before continuing my impossible mission.

After another 10 or 15 minutes of searching for my lost friend, I gave up. I went back to main stage to watch Tiesto close out, though I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was missing out on something a little bit more special back in that other tent.

A week later, I figured out what I had missed. I missed a five-time DMC World DJ Champion, who claimed his first title at the young age of 15. I missed the man largely responsible for one of my favorite Kanye West songs, “Stronger.” I missed probably one of the best sets of the weekend by arguably one of the best DJs in the world, all because I didn’t do my research and simply didn’t know any better.

Now, I’m here to save you from suffering a similar fate by telling you all the reasons why Alain Macklovitch, better known as A Trak, is an absolute can’t-miss at whatever musical festival/concert you’re attending this summer. Here’s what you can expect:


For the die-hard A Track fan who would sever their right arm for a backstage ticket:

I don’t need to tell you much. You already know A Trak is a master craftsman behind the decks. His technical prowess on the 1s and 2s has probably ruined all other DJs for you and his performance on the first night of the second annual Gold Gone Wild Tour did not disappoint.

For two hours, A Trak tickled the ears of concertgoers with a satisfying mix of future house, electro, disco, hip hop, trap, etc. He started his set with some impressive beat juggling before diving into Martin Solveig’s new single, “+ 1.” The crowd unleashed their inner animal and howled along when A Trak dropped the Duck Sauce classic “Big Bad Wolf.” The flan enthusiast then gracefully transitioned into some other familiar crowd pleasing hip hop and house classics like “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock and “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson.

The five-time DMC World Champ then decided to flex his #RealDJing skills by breaking off into his famed Daft Punk “Robot Rock” routine. At this point, Boston was in a frenzy and one concertgoer seized the opportunity by crowd surfing throughout the Paradise Rock Club venue. A Trak gave the brave young man a well-deserved shout-out.


For people that like electronic music and think A Track gives a great live show:

One of the show’s many highlights had to be when Araabmuzik and A Trak had an impromptu jam session. The moment was rather significant in terms of DJing and what is usually expected from a live show. For the people who scoff at the idea of calling DJs artists or musicians because they “don’t play an actual instrument” or refer to them as “professional iPod controllers,” this part of the tour is especially for you.

Live remixing by A Trak and Araabmuzik #GoldGoneWildTour #RealDJing

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To your left, you had superstar producer Araabmuzik playing live drums on his MPC. To your right, you had A Trak doing some cutting and scratching. A Trak manipulated the synth to Nicki Minaj’s “Only” while Araabmuzik added his own signature hi-hats, snares and heavy kick drums.

They were basically using a mixer, some turntables and a drum machine to remix songs live and it was – in a word – incredible. Aside from the musical performances, Kidmograph, A Trak’s art director, deserves several pats on the back for his superb work on the visuals.


For people who have no idea what an A track is/For people who like alcohol and loud rooms:

Going to an A Trak show isn’t just fun for those familiar with the art of DJing, or even those familiar with dance music in general. Mr Macklovitch’s musical palette extends far beyond the 128 bpm range most electronic DJs call home. With a set list that includes the likes of Martin Solveig, Alesso, Daft Punk, ILoveMakonnen, DMX, Rae Sremmurd, Drake, The Chainsmokers, Sander Van Doorn and so on, there’s something for everybody at an A Trak show.

You can also expect the veteran turntablist to shoot some free t-shirts at the crowd and maybe take some selfies with the loyal fans in the front row. If all else fails (which it won’t), just get hammered and crowd surf, that’s always fun!


You can catch A Trak and friends on the Gold Gone Wild II Tour on the following dates: