3 Super Oils Found In Your Grocery Store That Are Essentially Magic

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Olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil — they may all be in your pantry to make that next delicious meal, but did you know they are also great tools to clean your skin and teeth and even make you smell nice? The best part? You can grab them at your local grocery store without paying extra money for chemicals found in other products.

Here’s an essential list of what you can do with each super oil.

Olive oil

Dandruff: Combine one tablespoon plus a squeeze of lemon, then place it on your scalp on dry hair; brush throughout, then shower as normal.

Cuticles: Rub some on your nails pre-manicure .

Makeup remover: Dab some on a Q-tip or cotton pad to wipe away any makeup, then wash your face how you normally do.


Coconut oil

Natural deodorant: It has many antifungal/antimicrobial properties. Add a few drops of tea tree and/or lavender oil and you’ll have great smelling self-made deodorant.

Inflamed skin, ingrowns, etc. (especially down there): Very helpful in soothing and because of its antifungal/antimicrobial properties, it’s great for avoiding the problems that cause ingrown hairs to begin with (which is when the follicle gets blocked/infected).

Sunscreen/bronzing: Coconut oil as sunscreen is not FDA-approved because it doesn’t block ALL types of sun rays, but it’s known to be a great tool for bronzing – better than baby oil or chemical-filled bronzing oils.

Teeth/mouth cleansing and whitening: There’s a whole lotta info about oil pulling, but aside from that, you can also dab some coconut oil on your toothbrush and add an opened activated charcoal capsule (we tried it) to whiten teeth.


Sesame oil

Good protection against alcohol for you liver: Swallow a teaspoon of it on the nights you know you’ll be drinking. And don’t worry about the fat/calorie content – sesame oil is GREAT for internal health (sesame oil has a high fiber content helps digestion; it contains phytosterols that help fight high cholesterol; it’s high in iron; the list goes on).

Skin cleansing tonic: Mix ratio of 1:1 sesame oil to apple cider vinegar before your evening shower/face wash to eliminate toxins that your beautiful face may have picked up throughout the day.

Feet issues: It has antifungal/antimicrobial properties just like coconut oil. Sesame oil is good for what was mentioned above (fighting ingrown hairs and deodorant), and also treats other issues such as smelly feet, athletes foot, etc.

Sun protection: Like coconut oil, it can be used as sunscreen. Again, it’s not approved to protect the skin from all sunrays, but it is a natural alternative to wearing sunscreen daily and makes you smell like you belong at the beach!

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