Anywhere And Everywhere Exercises: Kick Butt In Your Own Backyard

Chavonne Hodges
Chavonne Hodges is a NYC-bred Advertising professional by day and fitness enthusiast by night. Her love of music and fitness inspired to her to start GrillzandGranola, a fitness brand for trap and R&B lovers, merging contemporary music with exercise. When she's not working one of her many passion projects, she's recording her imaginary mixtape and discovering new music under the pseudonym "Young Chavo."

Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter, TV shows are premiering, and the gym is getting emptier by the day. Like a musician’s sophomore album, when it comes to exercise, winter is the season for slumping.

But even as a grandmaster of solo Netflix and chilling, making gains in any setting isn’t as hard as it seems. For starters, ask yourself: “What would Ronda Rousey, or Serena, or any of your athletic idols do?”

They would put in work.

So, to get you started, here’s 1 tune and 3 moves you can do in anywhere, especially in a backyard:

Tune: “The Force” by Super Duper Kyle

1. The Jumping Jack:

Essential for getting your heart going, this simple movement will make sweat. Start with 3 sets of 15.


2. The Pivoting Jumping Squat:

A jumping squat with a twist from side to side — work your glutes and thighs with this challenging move. Feel the burn with 3 sets of 10. Remember that 1 repetition = a full jump from left to right and right to left.


3. The Toe Touch:

Keep your arms and back straight and try to make your toes and hands meet with this core exercise. Do 3 sets of 15 with your core tight.




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