3 Pieces Of Career Wisdom To Remember In Your 20s

Morgan Amos
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Next year, I’ll turn 30 and embark on a new journey as I leave my twenties. To me, your twenties are a time of self-discovery, career changes, and a bunch of memorable and regrettable moments you wish you could relive or take back. But through it all, I’ve learned quite a bit so I want to share my wisdom with those still living up their twenties.

Here are three insights I’ve learned regarding having a career in your twenties.


1. No one wants to work for free, but it’s worth it. 

It’s okay to admit you don’t want to work for free, and as a 20something, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have. Revenue is important because we can’t live off air, but to me, the experiences are worth way more. Since starting my writing career, I’ve had opportunities that were more fruitful than others, but I’ve taken valuable information from each and every experience.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, looking for side gigs, or changing career fields all together, I’ve found that sites such as Indeed.com, Ziprecruiter.com and LinkedIn can be beneficial in your search.


2. The journey is just as important as the destination. 

We all want that perfect career — the one we’ve dreamed about. But the truth is, in order to get the job of your dreams, sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Very rarely will you find yourself in the position you’ve hoped for straight out of college as a bright-eyed 20something ready to conquer the world. I’m sure many of you have heard of this before, but creating a vision board can really help when mapping out where you’d like to see yourself within your career.

The Reason Vision Boards Work and How to Make One explains why they are beneficial not just for your career, but in general. Vision boards not only allow you to see what you have created regarding your goals, but lets you track your journey along the way towards that goal.


3. Changing your career focus is not a bad thing. 

Do you even know what you want out of your career? Your life? Use your twenties are to figure it out. Your twenties are your self-discovery period. You don’t know the answer to everything, and that’s okay. As it turns out, changing careers in your twenties could prove to be beneficial according to an article written for levo.com.


Your twenties definitely consist of several defining moments within your life. You’re coming into your own, figuring out what it is that you want and what makes you happy. Life is a journey, and as a 20something on that journey, planning out your career is part of it. Don’t sweat the small stuff, try your hand at an ample amount of opportunities, and create a path.

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