3 Of The Most Believable Fan Theories For AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare

American Horror Story has its ups and downs. Some seasons have Sarah Paulson breastfeeding a deranged serial killer who kidnapped her, while others have inexplicable David Bowie covers in the 1920s. Its craziness can be fantastic (seriously, how many shows have minotaur sex scenes) but other times it can be off-putting (see minotaur sex scene).

So, AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare has been a pleasant surprise —  it’s been scary, well-acted and relatively straightforward. We’ve been loving the new season’s more simplistic tone, but there’s also still room for speculation and theories. Here are some of our favorites.

1. All previous seasons have been documentaries

Ooh, so Ryan Murphy, who’s the brains behind AHS, has said this season will further connect all of the six seasons. So what if that’s by revealing all the stories we’ve seen so far were reenactments, just like the one in “My Roanoke Nightmare”? That would explain why the series always feature the same actors — they’re the cast of the “docu-series” that’s telling all these horror stories. It makes almost too much sense.


2. The documentary crew is about to be haunted

This theory suggests the series’ big twist will occur when the documentary crew goes to visit the haunted mansion. There, the actors and crew will start to be terrorized by the same forces that attacked Matt and Shelby. This way, the story will start to be told in the present, and thus be more suspenseful. It’ll also turn the story into a found footage film, a perfect homage to the Blair Witch Project.


3. Someone is lying

The “real” people telling the story seem to have very different viewpoints about what happened. In fact, their stories conflict often. While it’s easy to have different memories of a traumatic event, we’re assuming this is on purpose. So, who’s lying and why? We think we’ll find out what we were told was actually all an elaborate lie, and the crew will find out the real story. Maybe Matt and Shelby aren’t so innocent after all. Maybe the story will turn from one about evil wood ghosts to one about true human evil, with Matt and Shelby as killers.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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