29 Reasons I’d Rather Wake Up To Coffee Than A Boyfriend

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I’d consider myself a well-caffeinated single woman. I’m okay being single for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is that I still get to wake up to my one true love: coffee.

This delicate but sturdy beverage is the reason I am able to get through life and it hasn’t disappointed me since I fell in love with it back in the 8th grade when we were just casually flirting.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the single life, and being a coffee lover is just simply one of the perks. Why? Coffee doesn’t disappoint and coffee inspires you. It’s like a lover for your mind and opens your eyes to what seemed impossible before.

There are so many ways that coffee is better than having a boyfriend that it’s almost hard to make this list without pining for another cup.

  1. Coffee inspires you to do more with your day instead of just staying in bed.
  2. Coffee helps you to not hate everything and everyone in the morning, instead of it being the reason that you do.
  3. Coffee isn’t needy and can be amazing without having to add anything.
  4. Coffee only improves your morning and will never pick a fight before noon.
  5. Coffee will warm your heart and never dare break it.
  6. Coffee is never bad in bed.
  7. Coffee tastes better than what your would-be boyfriend had for lunch.
  8. Coffee gives you the kick that you need but never kicks you down.
  9. Coffee is great to share with others while boyfriends shouldn’t be shared.
  10. Coffee has a thriving culture while the dating culture is deteriorating.
  11. Coffee won’t be hurt if you replace them with something even better (like wine), but a would-be boyfriend would probably send a lot of nasty drunk texts.
  12. Coffee always has the best intentions without asking for anything in return.
  13. Coffee can come in multiple sizes but your would-be boyfriend comes as he is.
  14. Coffee wakes you up instead of making someone sleep on the couch.
  15. Coffee will always be there if you want it to because it’s not scared of commitment.
  16. Coffee smells like hope and new beginnings instead of gym locker rooms.
  17. Coffee doesn’t ask questions, berate you, or command permission.
  18. Coffee that comes from somewhere exotic is the real deal while the exotic Tinder match is nothing like his pictures.
  19. Coffee comes in a cute mug, but you mean mug your boyfriend when he comes home after ignoring all of your texts.
  20. Coffee stays around for every single season and isn’t just a winter relationship.
  21. Coffee is totally okay if you just want to Netflix and chill.
  22. Coffee stains are easier to take out than the stains ex-boyfriends leave on your life.
  23. Coffee is always close by no matter where you are.
  24. Coffee can be found almost anywhere but good boyfriends are a rare find.
  25. Coffee brings people closer together but never tears people apart.
  26. Coffee makes you feel like you can take on the whole world without making someone you’re your whole world.
  27. Coffee always understands your needs and doesn’t need to be reminded.
  28. Coffee is stable and never inconsistent in delivery.
  29. Coffee is a love you can count on.

So keep on brewing, keep on pouring, and keep on sipping because coffee is here to stay. But if you’re lucky enough to find the man who’s better than that first sip of French roast with a hint of almond and dark chocolate on a very tired Monday morning… you’d better hold onto him.

And if you haven’t found him yet…smile, because there’s always coffee.

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