20something Exclusive: CID Interview at Automatic

Evangeline Axiotis
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I caught up with CID right before he opened for Kaskade at Pier 94, his latest stop on the Automatic tour. His collabo “Us” made it on the album, which CID told me, came as a huge surprise. I found him extremely humble for someone who was featured on Kaskade’s album and was also joining Kaskade on tour. Although you may not be familiar with CID, he recently signed to Big Beats records and his single “Love Is Blind” has started to infiltrate clubs and festivals.

So, who is CID and how did he get to this point?

Carlos Cid, a native New Yorker, has been DJing since he was 12. He remembers taking the bus to a record store in Flushing every week, where the storeowner introduced him to house music at a time when hip-hop was at the forefront. This piqued his curiosity and led him to producing.

After dedicating years to learning and perfecting his producing skills, CID started to get noticed by big names. Although he’s trying to make a name for himself as a DJ now, being behind the scenes producing all these years has really given him his big break. He worked on the track “Summertime Sadness” with Cedric Gervais, who has helped push his name out to different artists.

“I’ve come to realize that everything is about who you meet, who you know, and just being a good person and building relationships,” CID said. 

This is true for outside the studio as well. He randomly linked up with a lawyer who also happened to be Kaskade’s lawyer. After building a good relationship, he heard CID’s music and got him in touch with Kaskade. After sending him tons of samples of his music, Kaskade finally heard something that caught his attention.

“[The song] ‘US’ came about and it was just an idea we started together and he finished. It was amazing – I didn’t even know it was going to be on the album – I was like in shock and I’m really grateful. The fact that it’s led to this tour is crazy.”

Kaskade has been one of CID’s idols and a mentor, especially because he’s one of the few American DJs. He could really relate to him and felt like they had similar personalities.

“There’s no better person I’d rather be able to come up under.”

CID let us in on a fun fact: Kaskade loves burritos. We feel you on that Kaskade.

CID is just starting to play in front of crowds. Being the supporting act on Kaskade’s Automatic tour was his first gig, and a huge one at that. He’s used to producing and collaborating behind the scenes, but now he’s ready to step out on his own. Ultimately, CID wants to be a headliner.

“I think the ultimate goal is festivals. You know, you want to be the guy on the main stage playing.”

After I ended the interview, I rushed off to the crowd to catch his set. “Us” is one of my favorite tracks off the Automatic album, but I was curious to see how CID would play in a live setting. Would he go deep house? Would he get dirty? How does a fairly new DJ even attempt to open for Kaskade? I was in for a pleasant surprise.

CID had the crowd buzzing and I could see multiple people, including myself, turning to each other asking, “Who is this guy, he’s so sick!” After this tour, I predict big things for CID. He couldn’t have asked for a better tour to shine.

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