15 Prime Resolutions You Can Still Accomplish Before 2016

“New year, new me.”

That’s what we all naïvely say when the new year rolls around. But really, I’m being serious this year. We seem to be so blind to the fact that its actually possible, we just have to set our minds to it beforehand.

I’m truly sorry to burst your bubble, but once the clock hits midnight, you don’t just automatically transition into a new person. You don’t get a new identity. OK, well at least not unless you’re Caitlyn Jenner and have the resources for something like that. Either way, you don’t get a re-do, you merely get to re-vamp.

Here are 10 things you can realistically do before the ball drops that will help you become ready to better yourself for the next 365 days.

1. Say “I love you.”

Take the risk and tell someone you love him or her. See how that goes. The worst that can happen is they’re the idiot that doesn’t feel the same way. And please don’t feel ashamed, they’re bound to regret it.

2. Finish binge watching your favorite show on Netflix.

No one’s judging you for watching 12 hours of Californication in one day, I swear.

3. Get a haircut.

Everyone feels better about themselves once they get a haircut. Sometimes changing your look will make you feel like a new person.

4. Clean out your closet.

Consider selling or even donating the items you decide you can live without. Why not make some extra cash or do a good deed?

5. Give.

Give for once, rather than receive. End the year on a good note. Good karma is more likely to come your way.

6. Reconnect.

Call up a friend you’ve lost touch with but still care about. Maybe it was because of distance or maybe it was just because you grew apart. And no, your ex-boyfriend doesn’t count.

7. Delete old e-mails.

I’m not going to lie, I am most guilty of this one. I may be a hoarder, but every single one of my 84,244 e-mails are just REALLY important.

8. Change your profile picture.

You want to look your best for the New Year. And by best I mean better than your ex’s new bae of the week.

9. Start a new trend.

Or even bring back an old one. Hint: I hear Puma sneakers are trying to make a comeback.

10. Try a new coffee at Starbucks.

Throw your barista off by changing your order from a coffee frappuccino light to an iced coffee with soy milk, one pump of vanilla, and two Splenda. It’ll make you feel more sophisticated, even if you’re really not.

11. Pick out your new years outfit.

Even if you end up on the couch watching the ball drop with your dog, at least you’ll be doing it in style.

12. Filter out your Facebook friends.

Abraham Joseph McDonnell from your 10th grade chemistry class doesn’t need to see pictures of you in a bikini. The chemistry wasn’t there in 10th grade, it’s most definitely not there now.

13. Update your resume.

Even if you’re not applying for a job anytime soon. It’s always good to have it handy.

14. Reflect.

Take the time to reflect on your decisions from the past year. What do you want to change? This is your year. How do you want to spend it? Do you want to spend it being adventures, dieting, exercising, being positive, or being pessimistic? You get to choose what you want to do and who you want to be.

15. Set goals for 2016.

If you’re one of those who set New Year’s “Resolutions,” you’re only fooling yourself. You’re better off concentrating on smaller short-term goals that are more attainable. Stick to one change at a time. How are you going to set a goal of running your first marathon without first setting a goal of running one mile?

And even if you can’t accomplish all of these before your non-existent New Year’s kiss, at least you can say you tried.

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